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  1. 450dude69

    Is this RMZ450 worth $2,000??

    I ride a 07 rmz 450 it's a great bike! And I paid 2500 for mine last year. Parts are cheap and doing upgrades isn't pricey. Great bike, full of power when you want it. Only down fall is only 4 gears. Pull the trigger on this if you can
  2. 450dude69

    07 RMZ fork set up

    Awesome thanks for that! Just don't want to go out a blow my forks again.
  3. 450dude69

    07 RMZ fork set up

    Sorry I'm a dummy what is STD?
  4. 450dude69

    07 RMZ fork set up

    Just replaced my fork seals, found out I only had 8 fluid oz vs the 13 I needed in the forks when taken apart. Looking for rebound and compressions settings? I'm 145 lb rider, settings currently at 9 clicks at the top of the forks and 3 clicks at the bottom of the forks forks are stiff now just want to build a baseline and adjust off of that. Don't know where to start?