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  1. biglake

    can you run a 100 90 19 on a 450?

    You can run it if you want to, it will spin a bit easier but be fine. My yz250 has the same 2.15 rim as 450's and came with a 100/90 tire on it, the PO bought a couple cheap used tires which were 100/90's, other than lacking a little grip it was fine.
  2. biglake

    Brakes wont bleed

    I had one front brake I couldn't get bled a few years ago, I had to replace the line so it was totally full of air. I hooked a small hose up to the shop vac that fit on the bleeder and sucked the brake fluid through it. This worked quite well lol.
  3. biglake

    Lucas 2 stroke oil??

    I've been running the lucas 2 stroke oil in my bikes for 4-5 years now without issue, its fine. I get a little spooge when riding slowly on hot days but that's my jetting, I like it a touch rich. I switched to it because its cheaper and easier to get than other oils, every place that sells car oils around here has it.
  4. The stock trail wings on a wr250r or the tires on most any jap 250 dual sport are about the smallest tires you can get and work about the same as the shinko 244's. If you want DOT knobbies buy a 100/100 kenda trackmaster rear and a 80/100 shinko 546 front.
  5. I used to run a kenda parker dt for your type of riding, pavement kills knobbies, that kenda's a tough long lasting tire, it will last about twice as long as your starcross 5 soft did. I talked my neighbor into trying a STI tech 2 mxc rear tire to see what they're like, it last just as long as the parker dt and works a little better in soft stuff. I'll be buying those instead of the parker dt from now on for my mid to late summer dry tire killing conditions I ride in, I also ride on some pavement.
  6. biglake

    YZ250 rear tire choice?

    I also have a bridgestone x30 on the rear of my yz250. They were on sale this spring so I tried one, it's a pretty good all rounder. Half the guys I ride with have Michelin starcross 5 medium rear tires, they also work and last well, I'd be happy with either one.
  7. biglake

    What enduro/woods mods can I do to my YZ...?

    I have a 11 oz fly wheel weight, Acerbis tank, resprung/revalved suspension on my 06 yz250 plus the usual guards(msr bark busters, moose rad guards and tmd skid plate). I have stock 7/8 bars with 15 or 20mm risers, I'm happy with them but everyone likes different bars. I run stock levers, with bark busters they never break. I mostly ride in the woods and my bike has every mod I want.
  8. The biggest difference is the motor, the new one is counter balanced so it doesn't vibrate, this is a big deal to some guys but doesn't mean much to others. The suspension is also different and better on the new ones stock but if the 14 is valved well, it will be better than a stock 18. I'd go with a well setup 14 over a new 18 because it cost 1/2 as much and the vibrations aren't a big deal to me.
  9. biglake

    YZ250 2nd to 1st neutral issue?

    My 06 does this, I shift it twice from 2nd to 1st when ever I can, its a little better with fresh gear box oil so I change it often. It does suck at times. My brother has a 16 250x, it doesn't do it at all, we run the same rotella for oil too.
  10. I ran 2 of those chains, on 2 different bikes and my riding buddies run them, I'll buy them again for sure, I couldn't get their sprockets so I didn't try em. They're tall, wide and heavy compared to a did x ring chain but still fit fine. They didn't stretch at all after the first adjustment, I got almost 2 years out of them before they started spiting rollers while never needing to adjust them, I don't have an hour meter so I don't know how many hours that was. Most chains start stretching when they're wore, these don't they start spitting the rollers off when they're wore out but they last just as long as other chains.
  11. I've run a couple sets of mt21's and kenda 270's on KLR's and now a DR650. The kenda 270's or shinko 244's front tires really hold you back off road, more so than the rears do. I don't mind the 50/50 kenda 270's on the back but don't run the fronts any more, they really suck off road if its wet at all so I run the mt21 on the front all the time, its ok but not great everywhere. I like the mt21 rear a lot more than the kenda 270, even on the road but it wears out really fast so I cheap out and run the 270 on the rear. I'd rather slow down once and a while when the pavement's wet than have to ride slow every time I ride off road.
  12. biglake

    Pirelli MT16 - 110 or 120?

    Get the 120, it hooks up noticeable better than the 110 due to the bigger better tread pattern.
  13. biglake

    '17 250x "Build"

    I haven't had any issues with my Acerbis trying to neuter me, I cant tell its there, being fat may help lol. You got your bike set up pretty good. If you want a pipe you can skip the spark arrester silencer, we don't need them in Canada, just put the gnarly on it with the stock silencer if you want more power off the bottom and into the mid range. Most pipe test or reviews include the tc2 silencer because they need to run it to be legal in the US not because it works better than stock.
  14. biglake

    No mess chain lube ?

    I use whatever chain lube the local dealer stocks except for the wax types, they don't work that good off road. I lube my O/X ring chains after a ride or after I wash the bike to keep it from rusting, I don't think any lube is left on the chain after the first water hole I cant ride around, so the lube is only to prevent rusting. I'd use wd40 instead but it doesn't even stop the rusting while the bikes stored and cost about as much as real chain lube. My neighbors use chain saw bar oil on their chains because they always have it around, its a little messy but cheap and works fine. With the wet conditions I ride in my X ring chains last 1-2 riding seasons depending on how much I ride, how I clean or lube them doesn't seam to make much difference in how long they last, non sealed chains only last a few rides, they don't hold up in wet conditions at all.
  15. biglake

    Crack in plastic gas tank

    Seal all works good for that, I used it a few times on leaky car gas tanks. I don't think any patch job will last long tho as the tank flexes a tiny bit when you set on the seat breaking the seal.