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  1. biglake

    Grip reccomendations

    Im one of the few guys who likes plain old 1/2 waffle grips, the thinner the better. I have thick hands and thick grips give me arm pump quickly but they do cut down on vibrations. I tried progrip 714 once and a few other thick grips that useally help with vibration and arm pump but removed them after a few rides, most guys like em tho.
  2. One guy I ride with rides a 2016 ktm 250sx wfo, he does 5th gear wheelies everywhere on the studded tires. He bought the studded Pirelli mx extra, he wore the tops off the center studs in one winter but none pulled out. The other guy I know who bought the same tire rides a yz450f, he did the same thing to it doing 5th gear wheelies on frozen dirt, the center studs wear down before the studs pull out or the tire chunks. My brother had the studded maxxis it, he had a slower bike a klx300, he did ride on a lot of dirt and pavement tho, he wore the studs down a bit but none came out at all, it took him two winters to wear the studs down, he then sold the tire with the bike. Some of the local fast guys had similar issues with grip studs, they wont last long going wide open all the time. I geared my bud on the 250sx up with a tire with snowmobile studs and tapcons for this winter. Its hard to spend 300-400 bucks a winter on a rear tire so I make cheap ones with tapcons. He managed to wreck his knee tho so im riding solo this winter.
  3. I consider prestudded tires better than tires with grip studs too, no one gets 300 to do a rear tire for max grip they half ass it and get 150 or 200. You can also get two regular studs in a knob but only one grip stud, more studs equals more bite. Grip studs are cheaper in the long run tho as you can put them in multiple tires.
  4. One local dealer makes studded tires. He uses maxxis maxcross IT or Pirelli mx extra rear tires, they hold up great and have a lot of lugs so a lot of studs for grip. He also uses wd40 to lube the studs not glue, you don't need glue. My buds run these tires, the studs don't come out, they last until the studs wear down and break off.
  5. biglake


    Electric impact with the ft/lbs tq settings on it. I use one for stuff like this and clutches on atvs and sleds, its way easier to dial in the tq setting on it than to buy or build holders and use a tq wrench.
  6. biglake

    Riding out a flat

    I've rode 20-30 miles on a rear flat twice to get home. Other than wrecking the tube nothing bad happened, I didn't take it all that easy either. The rim lock held the tire on the rim fine for me. Tubliss is even better but im too cheap to buy it lol. Front flats suck tho, you'll need zip ties to hold the front tire on the rim and the rim dents real easy.
  7. Im only 5' 9", I lowered bikes 10 years ago when I first got into riding difficult terrain, I could touch better but the skid plate took a beating and I got hung up and stuck often. Now I just shave the seat down about an inch, once you get used to only putting one foot down at a time being short isn't that big of a deal.
  8. biglake

    Fuel additive question

    I had a 2013 wr250r for 5 years. It had no bottom end power with cheap gas, with the best gas I can get locally, 91 octane ethanol free from shell, it has more tq and snap off the bottom, it was fussier gas wise than any carbed bike I've ever owned. I think a lot of tuning issues with that bike are from cheap gas. My 07 yz250 will spark knock on anything less than 91 but it runs the same with or without ethanol gas, I don't let the gas with ethanol sit around for more than a month tho. Like my car the old dr650 just doesn't care what I pour in the tank lol.
  9. I have one of these knock off stunt levers on my yz, it works fine and you can adjust it to be close to the bars. I reused the stock cable holder, the aluminum one on it looked weak. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CNC-Short-Stunt-Clutch-Lever-Perch-Motorcycle-Brake-Clutch-Levers-For-Honda-CR80-125-CRF-250R/32833071060.html?spm=2114.search0204.3.23.608c1201jxYFY2&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10065_10130_10068_10547_319_317_10548_10696_453_10084_454_10083_10618_431_10139_10307_537_536_10059_10884_10887_100031_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_51,ppcSwitch_0_ppcChannel&algo_expid=b10f5027-fad9-4c1a-8703-0d7321bef2bd-2&algo_pvid=b10f5027-fad9-4c1a-8703-0d7321bef2bd&transAbTest=ae803_4
  10. biglake

    YZ250X smokes alot.

    Its the oil. Some oils smoke more than others. My riding buds use amsoil, the local dealer was out of dominator and they used interceptor for a bit, their bikes stopped smoking completely, it freaked them out so they went back to dominator asap.
  11. biglake

    What tires shed mud well?

    Running low pressure and keeping your speed up is more important then the tires you buy, with tubliss and very low pressures most tires will clean out. Tubliss in the rear is killer for sticky mud, drop to 3-5 psi in tires that like10 psi normally and the tire flexes enough to clean out. The mt16 rear clears out at 8-10 psi if you want to stick with tubes. That old school pattern sheds mud better than most tires. The m5b is also good at 10 psi with a tube in it but is like cheating with tubliss and 5 psi. I've ran the mt16 and m5b with tubes and 10 psi for mud races, The front would plug up if I went too slow but those rears just kept hooking up.
  12. biglake

    Need help choosing.....

    Those are all good bikes, you cant go wrong with any of them. I like yamaha's a bit more than ktm's tho, the suspension is the smoothest of the bunch stock.
  13. I like the dr650 better than the klr650, I've had both. The dr feels a bit more like a dirt bike off road than the klr and is about the same on the road, they both need better seats imo. The fun part of my rides is the off road part so I have more fun on the dr. My klr also used oil from new when I went 75mph or more down the highway, the dr never uses oil.
  14. I had a wrr for 5 years. They're good bikes just not for me, I was bored with it after 2 years and didn't ride it much on the road after the novelty of having a new bike wore off. I prefer the drz400. I just didn't jell with the 250, you need to shift and rev it a lot and I like to lug bikes. Sock vs stock they're about the same speed and power on the road, the difference is you have to keep the 250 screaming while you can be lazy and shift the 400 much less.
  15. I've done that before. Some times shimming the pipe out away from the tire makes it melt the side panel so denting the pipe for tire clearance is the way to go. The dent has no effect on how the bike runs as it just compresses a little packing.