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  1. Put a stainless brake line on it. The stock brake lines get old and flex/expland after a few years and yours is 10 years old. When the brake line flexes/expands you need to pull the brake lever harder to stop than when new.
  2. I do a lot of steep hill climbs and don't always make, wrap around hand guards have saved my levers and throttle tube to many time to count. If I rode more open mx type stuff I'd wouldn't run em.
  3. biglake

    K&N air filters

    I ran one in my built honda 440ex atv. After a few rides, it got removed and I only used it in the winter where's there's no dust. When it got dirt on it then a tiny splash of water hit it, the dirt went right into the motor, a foam filter doesn't do that so that's all I run now. If you never get a splash of water on the air filter they'd be ok, im talking about a little tiny splash of water not filling the airbox with water.
  4. biglake

    Need Help Setting Up YZ250!

    I get a little bit of spooge with my setup but not a lot and I never foul plugs, my plug is 2 years old. I honestly don't care if my bike spooges oil out of the silencer as long as it runs clean and doesn't foul plugs. I don't jet my bikes so they're borderline lean but real snappy like some guys do, as some mornings we ride are pretty cold compared to the end of the ride when its warm out.
  5. biglake

    Need Help Setting Up YZ250!

    Stock everything but the pilot jetting wise. The air screw is at 1 turn out spring/fall and 2 out in the middle of summer.
  6. biglake

    Need Help Setting Up YZ250!

    I put a 48 pilot jet in my 06 yz250 which has V force reeds and a fmf powercore muffler, it fixed the rich off idle condition and spooge, Im at similar elevation. I read all the threads about the Suzuki needle, #8 slide and 40 power jet but the bike runs really good with just a smaller pilot and I stopped messing with it. I run lucas semi syn oil, my buds run amsoil dominator, the lucas smokes and spooges a little less. I jokingly tell people I need to run blue premix because the red stuff looks funny in my clear tank lol.
  7. biglake

    Used bike prepping

    The deposits from e gas are ate up by simple green better than they are by old school carb cleaner, it and pine-sol work well for cleaning carbs.
  8. biglake

    18" wheel on woods YZ125--first run

    I used to ride a wr250r which has about the same power as a 125. It has a 18 inch wheel stock so I didn't have to upgrade to one tho. I didn't like tall grippy tires on it at all, it worked best with a 100/100 knobby that it could spin easier. I wouldn't bother adding a 18 inch wheel to a 125 unless all you ride is really slow technical stuff where you need all the grip you can get. Running a 100/100/18 isn't much different that running a 100/90/19.
  9. biglake

    Need help jetting 2017 yz250

    At sea level all my 06 needed was a 48 pilot.
  10. I bought a corded leaf blower from Walmart, it was 20 bucks on sale, for drying the bike off after washing it a couple years ago after reading about it on here. It works great, it dries the chain so I can lube it right away and every hard to get to place on the bike that likes to rust so they don't start to rust.
  11. biglake

    can you run a 100 90 19 on a 450?

    You can run it if you want to, it will spin a bit easier but be fine. My yz250 has the same 2.15 rim as 450's and came with a 100/90 tire on it, the PO bought a couple cheap used tires which were 100/90's, other than lacking a little grip it was fine.
  12. biglake

    Brakes wont bleed

    I had one front brake I couldn't get bled a few years ago, I had to replace the line so it was totally full of air. I hooked a small hose up to the shop vac that fit on the bleeder and sucked the brake fluid through it. This worked quite well lol.
  13. biglake

    Lucas 2 stroke oil??

    I've been running the lucas 2 stroke oil in my bikes for 4-5 years now without issue, its fine. I get a little spooge when riding slowly on hot days but that's my jetting, I like it a touch rich. I switched to it because its cheaper and easier to get than other oils, every place that sells car oils around here has it.
  14. The stock trail wings on a wr250r or the tires on most any jap 250 dual sport are about the smallest tires you can get and work about the same as the shinko 244's. If you want DOT knobbies buy a 100/100 kenda trackmaster rear and a 80/100 shinko 546 front.
  15. I used to run a kenda parker dt for your type of riding, pavement kills knobbies, that kenda's a tough long lasting tire, it will last about twice as long as your starcross 5 soft did. I talked my neighbor into trying a STI tech 2 mxc rear tire to see what they're like, it last just as long as the parker dt and works a little better in soft stuff. I'll be buying those instead of the parker dt from now on for my mid to late summer dry tire killing conditions I ride in, I also ride on some pavement.