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    FX350 vs TX300

    I just bought an 2017 FX350 Friday and took it out for the first break in ride Today. I would take off your cons list the flame out issue. While it did die on me three times it was more me not modulating the clutch properly. If you do have an issue with flame outs adjusting the TPS sensor is easier than adjusting the jetting on the carburetor. You just need a multi meter. While does not feel as light as the two stroke I feel the power delivery is easier to manage. My best friend has a 2016 ktm 300 XC and he had more difficulty climbing the slick muddy trails. I was surprise how well the 350 was able to "tractor" up the climbs. I have always ridden 450s and was expecting the 350 to require higher revs. I am very impressed. My gearing is 14-50 currently but I am going to swap out the 14 tooth for a 13 which will make it even better. When it comes down to it you will be happy with both bikes but I prefer the 4 stroke over 2.