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  1. hondasmademebroke

    Gold Valve: Are they worth it on an XR650L?

    "I have heard the XRL rear shock is pretty decent and just needs a new spring. Any thoughts on this? If that will get me 90% of the way to half decent suspension I would be happy. Or is it totally worth installing gold valves?" Can anyone answer the original question?
  2. Maybe thats the case for others bikes, but my chain sits in the guide perfectly with flat side facing in. With the flat side out, the chain is off center. Will I be compromising anything if I go with flat side facing in, in my case.
  3. Why does the Moose sprocket need to be flat side facing out? Doing so moves the chain to the left and out of the guide on the swingarm, whereas with the flat side of the sprocket facing in, the chain is center in the guide. Thanks!
  4. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    Just did a valve adjustment on a hunch and voila! One of the intake valves had gotten a little too tight... back to normal! Jesus what a scare
  5. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    Ran it with the air filter off which made little difference to the sputtering and bogging sounds, turned the air screw out 1/2 turn from spec, then in a 1/2 turn from spec which did not affect the backing/sputtering. Im wondering what could suddenly cause this after the bike was running great for 200+ miles. Maybe broken spark plug wire in the ignition cable or stator going bad??
  6. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    Just pulled the carb out, cleaned all the jets, including the main, ran a thin wire through to clear out any gunk in the jets (there was none) and put it back on. Started right up and idled beautifully, but it is still lurching, backfiring and sputtering as I give it gas. Loss of compression?? By the way, I really appreciate all the advice from everyone
  7. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    So I just took the bike out for a ride today, and maybe a mile in it started to back fire and sputter. At first it wasn't horrible, I thought it might have been some condensation in the carb?? As I kept riding though it got worse. It seems as if anything over 1/4 throttle the bike loses hp and acc, and backfires and sputters like mad. Ive put just over 200 miles on the engine since the rebuild, and now this starts up... Im wondering if it could be loss of compression or carbs??? I can't imagine what would have happened between now and two days ago (when it was running beautifully on a 30mi ride) that would make it act like this.
  8. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    When the bike is cold, it needs the choke to start. As it is warming up, with the choke on, the idle begins to want to cut out until I disengage the choke and then the idle picks back up, despite the engine not being very warm. The plug is whitish grey, brownish.
  9. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    The bike does seem to take quite a while to warm up, but once warm it runs and idles beautifully. There is occasional backfiring. I will check the plug tonight.
  10. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    Curious what makes you think the original issue was jetting? Maybe I assumed the air filter to be the problem too quickly? Ive put about 70 miles on the new engine, and noticed that it seems to get warm pretty quickly. Ie. I was out riding around town yesterday, maybe put about 20 miles on the bike. When I got hope my temp gauge was reading close to 275F which seemed pretty hot.
  11. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    You're absolutely correct, I did not mean to forget about Darin. Without his hospitality and kindness I would not have been able to finish this build. Being able to work with the two of you on this bike was a privilege and I really look forward to being able to ride together. All the best, Art
  12. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    I just did today, and there is flow going out of the head
  13. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    So the first thing to do was change the Cam chain, but before that the old gaskets had to be cleaned off. So the clutch assembly was removed and then the gasket With the surface cleaned the new chain was ready to go in. Next was the Cylinder gasket residue which still had much stronger feelings for the engine than the clutch cover gasket With that guy all cleaned up, we were able to start working on the piston. All of the wiseco rings end gaps did not require any filing with the exception of the 2nd rings end gap. Unfortunately during the filing, one side of the ring got a little angled, so the end gap had a slight "V" shape, with the broader end on the outside. I like to think this was compensated for by the end gap being on the tighter side of the specs, hopefully its ok. Once all the rings were fitted onto the piston in the correct order in regard to where the end gaps were in relation to each other, the piston was fitted into the cylinder before the connecting rod. This seemed to be the easier way of going about this as we did not have a ring compressor and had to work the rings in the cylinder by hand. Once the piston was in the cylinder, there was very little room for the wrist pin to slide through the holes. The top of each hole sat flush with the bottom of the cylinder allowing the wrist pin to slide through. So with the gasket in place and the connecting rod wrapped in swaddling cloth the piston and cylinder were dropped onto the rod. (Seeing all this pieces come together so beautifully with precision and care is almost better than sex) With the wrist pin pushed through and the circlips in place the cylinder was fitted into place.(PS: DONT FORGET YOUR DOWELS) With the arrow on the piston oriented towards the exhaust side, the piston was good to go. Next the head gasket and appropriate dowels were put in place and the newly machined head was put in. (Engine Dynamics in Petaluma did the repair on the center journal as well as new valve seals and a complete cleaning of the head. Mike and Jenny were incredibly gracious and great people to work with.) With the head in place, all of the bolt were torqued to spec. (36 ft-lbs on the cylinder, and 26 ft-lbs on the head) Next was the timing. With the engine at TDC the sprocket on the camshaft was oriented onto the cam chain with both marks flush with the surface of the head. The camshaft was heavily lubricated and inserted into the sprocket with the bearings. (I've skipped the part with cam chain tensioner, it was a very simple process) Now if my engine blows up failing quickly I will probably know why, and please feel free to weigh in on this, but when buying the new parts I had never considered replacing the cam bearings. It wasn't a wear item I can considered, so because it was so late I opted to continue to use the originals. The left side bearing had some discoloration from what could only be exposure to high temperature while the right bearing looked fine. Both bearings spun beautifully, and had smooth even surfaces without any warping or damage at all. I plan to replace them next winter, hopefully they will be ok until then. So with the camshaft back in, the valve cover was put on. When using the original gasket, I used Permatec ultra grey as the sealant. Hondabond 4 is recommended here, but after some research it seems as if plenty of people have been using Permatec without issue. With the bike finally assembled, and the sealants given the appropriate time to set it was time to start her up. With the help of a little starter fluid she fired right up!!!! Unfortunately the throttle cable was pulled a little so her first few minutes were at a high RPM. After some tinkering with the throttle lines, and some minor adjustments on the carb, she was purring like a pig. A new air filter, oil filter and spark plug were installed and the break in process has begun.
  14. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    Pieces are slowly starting to come together... obviously money and time are always a factor in builds like this. I was able to ship the head and camshaft out to mike at engine dynamics last week so that he could restore the journal, so hopefully that should get back to me by next weekend. In the meantime I got my cylinder back with a fresh bore and hone, and my uni air filter came in the mail as well as the o-ring and washer needed for my fuel mixture screw. Should be able to assemble most of it this weekend!
  15. hondasmademebroke

    A Sad Day for my Pig... Top End(?) Rebuild 2000 XR650L

    Incredibly true... Engine dynamics quoted me at 175$ and XRs only quoted 145$ ... looks like ill be sending the head off to have the journal re surfaced and have the valve seats adjusted. I did, they need to see it before they can say whether or not its possible, but most likely will be... hopefully send it out next week.