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  1. Hey guys, i have recently bought a 02 wr250f (first bike) and want to put in an auto decompression cam; exhaust only, but i cant seem to find one. I haven't asked the semi-local dealership as they are usually overpriced on most things. I am also wondering what years i can put in, it seems most people put in 03 ones but i read that someone put in an 05 one as the 03 one is an obsolete part?. Any help much appreciated. btw i live in Australia
  2. I know that there are some differences between the states and aus wrs. Would they be interchangeable and how old is the cam, is it at all worn?. I have only recently discovered the bike world so I know have know idea how much it would be worth. Is there any way to find out how much shipping will cost. ????
  3. Brayd_en, how many dollhairs you want for it and where about are you. would I have to tune the carbie if I add the hot cam? thanks
  4. okay thanks will have to get the plug as well. currently having a hard time finding them online in AUS, saw some from the US but the shipping is nearly double the cost of the plug.
  5. Wesrunner thanks for the reply. I have seen the hot cams for sale and I don't know if they have the auto decom on the cam?...