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    Putting YZ250fx transmission in my YZ250 smoker

    The 250fx is a six speed not a five. The 450 is still a five speed so most likely would be the same.
  2. Hi All, Has anyone looked into putting the 250fx tranny in a smoker? From the parts drawing it has the same selectors and the same primary axle. I have a 09 which I have just split as was slipping gears so I have to buy new one any way. Mine already has the WR 3,4,5 in it. I live in northwest of Australia, so not much in the way of hills or tight tracks. I mostly do high speed desert races. I still do the odd MX with my girls, But I'm looking for a bike to start doing some adventure rides. Yes I know it might not be the best bike but it the bike in my shed at the moment. Any help would be great. Thanks Painey