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  1. BrbMomBitching

    2001 XR50 HELP

    are bumps against rules?
  2. BrbMomBitching

    2001 XR50 HELP

    Hey guys im new here and i have a XR50 that needs some help but i want to do it myself without help of dealer. ill post the pictures on imgur and each picture has a caption explain the picture a bit. My main points are i want to find the leaks in my bike and start cleaning up the oil that went everywhere. I drained the left over oil since when i removed my crankshaft case one of the screws started to leak and spill oil. thread locked it screwed it back in.. should be good for a bit. I put a bit of oil in the bike over night to see if can find the leak. Thats it for now but ill be taking more pictures tomorrow. https://imgur.com/a/QNqNx
  3. BrbMomBitching

    Cracked Neck Gas Tank

    I have a gas tank on its way for next week but i want to ride without gas splash everywhere. Any cheap fixes?
  4. BrbMomBitching

    New Bike Dirty Carb!

    Hey guys im new here and I just got a Honda CRF 150F from a buddy of mine for $800! thing is everything needs fixing. What is covering my carb it is oil or gas? I need to start my bike on with full choke and then let it warm up with my hand always on throttle just in case it starts to die out.