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  1. 216 fatty + tubliss = perfection
  2. blow compressed air backwards through your fuel injector onto a paper plate or napkin. I bet you get dirt on it.
  3. pumper carb, proper skid plate. Cyclopsadventuresports headlight LED bulb
  4. sounds like you could use a ride alone away from people on a trail seldom ridden. Bring a saw and cut some trees for me while you're at it.
  5. eh??? EH???? try me
  6. Well, you re completely wrong, and since you dont even own a ktm you have no basis to state your claim. I have owned FOUR KTM's all street legal (plated dirt models) I ride one finger on the clutch at all times and bang the living piss out of it riding tech trails. I want something that is super precise yet light = hydraulic = planning to sell my 17 yz450f to go back to a KTM/Husky
  7. I went full circle... had a Husky FE501 plated, back on XR. No regrets
  8. Why would I want that overcomplicated hunk of crap.XR4ever