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  1. I want more wheelbase for my raised BMW F650 since after making it taller its weight distribution became noticeably uneven - it tends to push its front while off-road cornering and became more prone to wheelies. This is my daily use bike and I use it for long trips and off-road cruising regularly. What I've been thinking about is to mount an alloy KTM rear swingarm with a PDS shock that would terminate the need of regular linkage maintenance and would give some extra ground clearance at its bottom. The biggest problem is, that I have now an F650GS Dakar rear shock and the WP PDS I have now is *a lot* longer than that - also the Dakar shock connects to the link under the swingarm but the WP connects onto it, hence I'd need a 300-340mm long PDS shock instead of the recent >410mm one. Were they ever produced in such length or is it even possible to shorten one by so much?