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  1. Thanks for your help
  2. On taking care off I found that the hot start was not connected!! Plunger missing etc... Open to the elements. Ordered parts and hopefully cure it. Thumper talk rocks lol Ps jets are all standard
  3. It did pop but not as bad . Was ok starting as well .Hot start is really loose as well . No mice lol
  4. Yes hot has a lot of play and yes just changed the end taking the carb off tomorrow to check jets
  5. Info needed please .Just brought 2004 wrf450f ,it had a straight through end can that was too noisy for the area I ride (horse's etc) .I've fitted a standard can and now it's popping and banging when throttle off and won't tick over and trouble starting .Could I need to re jet to standard ??? Any info or advice appreciated