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  1. People say the crf450x just "works" even over its design compared to modern bikes. By simpler I mean try fixing efi on the trail vs a carb. Its rare but efi can go wrong. Ive been searching for a wr personally for over a year now. I mean that is the newer one(2012 and newer) and I only ever found one and he wanted as much as a new one. Ive considered the 450x because it is more common.
  2. I Currently am looking at either bike. After seeing the ever so lovely and modern wr450f I've been drooling but, a lot of people tend to prefer the 450x. I need advice on what you would get and why. I currently have a xr400 dualsport that I absolutely love and I will be making the new bike I get a duals sport as well. Each bike will be a 2017 or 2018. (whatever the dealer has). I like the simple carburetor of the crf450x and the ease of modding it seems like it has and the wr450f throttle stop kinda ruins it for me. Fuel injection doesn't seem bad on the chillier days either. The xr400 is more of my reliable long distance dualsport so the new bike will be only on short road burst. I live in ohio so that general area will be riding. Open fields, sometimes tight woods and just cruising. I'm also worried is it worth getting either bike if I'm not a fast rider? My friend who takes his mx bike riding with cant go that slow or his bike starts to run to hot(liquid cooled) as my xr keeps chugging on? I know about the added maintence as well for the bikes. Just want opinions really. I'm six foot tall and 185. In the end do I Just stick with the xr for my riding? Ive always wanted to buy a bike new and feel the something new feel. Both bikes are extremely rare to find used around me and if they pop up they've been abused or get sold within the hour. I do not want a ktm or husky so don't recommend them. Just focus on the wr and 450x
  3. @ThumperCurtis so it doesn't look bad ?
  4. Got everything tore down today actually. Pretty excited to get this build going. How's everything look ? ­čśé
  5. I have tried heat and I can't seem to locate a way to move the chain out of the way when taking it off the sprocket to to pull it all out . I'll keep trying heat. Drilling it was an idea. I'm in no rush right now as I have the rest of winter. Im just following the Manuel and the videos. Remember my bike is 21 years old. Who knows what it's been through and what's been done to it
  6. Can I drill out the bolts and just buy a new cam shaft gear and screws ?
  7. After fooling around I still can't get it. One of them is rounded off now even from the tightest Allen set I had. Where do I go from here it is literally the only thing holding me back. I'm using metric tools, I have a Manuel, and in also following partzilla on their video tear down of a 400ex which is the same motor and he does it so easy why cant I?
  8. I did buy some metrics tools went at it today with heat and penetrating oil. Still zero luck. I'm wondering why it's this hard
  9. Alright guys I appreciate the info and heat tip I'll try that I forgot about the torch !
  10. Hi everyone! I had a crf230 that I learned on for months it was built up by the previous owner and it was an amazing and powerful bike for a 230. I had someone offer a clean xr400. It's a 1996 I bought and well months later here I am. I absolutely love this bike. I've ridden a drz now a 400 and I honestly love the xr more. Anyways I'm doing a build on it because after months of searching I found one of the previous owners and got the title and that had a extensive record. So I decided to do a rebuild on it after the top end has been making noises galore. Im pretty sure it was just a failed timing chain tensioner but I figured I'd tear down the motor and learn how it all works. It's my first time and I'm 17 years old by the way. I don't know what the bikes been through and I want this bike to last me a long time. My goals are to have a good round town dual sport. I'm getting a second bike for longer journeys and highway travels. I'm stuck currently on the camshaft. I have to loose then Allen bolts on the camshaft gear and they won't break loose. I have the tighest fitting Allen wrench I got but it just keeps wanting to round off now before it does round off what are my options? I have the correct size Allen wrench. And I'm getting a new camshaft with gear and everything but wouldn't like to make a mess. Just need tips ! My plans for the future are: *Weisco 426 kit with new cylinder, piston, rings, and gaskets just under 11 compression ratio *Stage 2 hotcams camshaft *Kibble white valve spring sets *Xrsonly slip on exhaust and modified pumper carb *Valve seals *Crf450 timing chain *New timing chain tensioner *Maybe new valves but I doubt it. It always started first kick before the tear down *Clean up and polish the head *Tusk lighting Enduro kit *Upgraded headlight(what do you recommend?) *New white plastics *Good dual sport tires 60% dirt 40% street somewhere around there I appreciate all the tips and help I receive!
  11. Found the old title finally!
  12. How hard are the valves to check considering the difficulty of the spark plug? Im used to a crf230 Also just found out after we drained the carb and put new gas in the new plug is not getting gas. *Shakes head* Probably will clean the carb here soon.
  13. I have a crf230. You cannot go wrong with this bike. Its not fast of course but it will get you from point a to b every single time. Ive never had a problem with the weight or electric start and with a little money you can smoke stock 250s and have better suspension. Don't believe me? Check out friggin jim on youtube. It also makes a good dual sport. maintenance is a breeze and bike is just pure reliable.

  14. I went and bought a klx250 1995 yesterday. I showed up to the guys house and the bike ran like a top. I started it myself and the motor was bone cold and it was 29 degrees outside. I bought it and brought it home and it wont start for nothing. Tried new gas, new spark plug, drained the carb of old gas. I have spark I checked, compression, and i am getting fuel. We are stumped. The bike just will not start for anything. It just ran at the guys house. I started it multiple times while I was there. It fired up almost everytime cold.
  15. I love my 230