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  1. Yes, it is in fact very clear... and it runs with whatever the oil is because they started it, ran it for several minutes, and idled it with me standing there before I bought it. And I don't have any reason to think they lied about it being yamalube. Just feel way better using what I know... and frankly I'm okay with that blue/green color... And a big sharpie marker that writes on top of gas cans so the wife doesn't put the premix in her DR!
  2. Thanks to you both for the help. As it happens, none of my local shops stock any injector oils other than snowmobile stuff. I'm going to order some motorex, or super m. My thoughts are the snowmobile oils would have cold weather additives and such that wouldn't be necessary anyway.
  3. Hi all, I just bought my little girls an 07 PW50 and wanted to get some feedback on injector oils. They said they ran yamalube in it, but the oil in the tank is basically clear. So here's my questions: Is yamalube clear? And what's the best way to drain the oil tank so I can run something else? And is something like Super M (injector spec) good? Thanks in advance!