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  1. I do like the 450. But I am not racing anymore, if I just had to run a fast lap on a track I would prefer a fi250f with mods. The only complaint I have is that this bike feels so heavy in tight turns.
  2. The black coupler really did wonders for me. I can now use the power without the pucker factor. It may be in my head or the fact that I have more seat time now but I had a 2009 kx250f before and it didn't have quite enough power. That being said, I'm 100% sure I was faster on the 250 because I could handle all that bike had so I didn't have to be as cautious. The 450 can get away from me easier so for that reason I find myself going slower.
  3. Update: ran the black coupler today, huge difference. Thanks to everyone for the advice, I appreciate it. Go ride!!!
  4. They are the air forks I ordered the black coupler from the local dealer and should be here Friday. I'll let you know how that goes.
  5. It's the white one...
  6. It didn't come with additional couplers. I'll have to look when I get home and see which color is on it. Also I believe that the rear sprocket is after market.
  7. Thanks. I will look into the hotcams. I just can't believe how abruptly the power rolls on. I have ridden my buddy's 2009 crf450 and it is nowhere close to this thing.
  8. I just picked up a used 2012 kx450f. I have had 2 stroke 250's before and thought this would be comparable. Problem is that the hit is way too violent. Does anyone have suggestions on how to calm this thing down a bit so I don't chop the throttle and wind up in a body cast?