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  1. 450s are a lot of bike in the woods, but they are perfect for the track or the desert.
  2. Freakazoid

    Eastern Mass Riding

    Living on the Cape right now, wondering where to ride besides Wareham MX? Just trying to get a variety of places, both MX and Offroad. I want to ride a ton this spring/summer. Where you guys riding?
  3. Freakazoid

    Pros and Cons of KTM

    Which KTM? Which lineup? SX, XC..etc? Which year?? One pro is air filter removal. Its the most simple. In general, the ktm two strokes are more powerful, more modern and faster than yamaha two strokes. The new KTM four strokes are lighter, and more powerful than their Japanese counterparts. Their handling is balanced, they corner well, but they arent so forgiving that they lose high speed stability.
  4. Freakazoid

    Yz125 vs. Rm125

    Yz will be easier to get parts for, but the RM will maneuver better in the woods.
  5. I finance some of my bikes, and I have never had a problem. It has actually helped build my credit a lot, since I'm only 25. However, nothing feels better than buying a bike outright and getting the title. The only way to finance, IMO, is to put a big down payment (>25%), and then only finance the rest with the 12 months/No Interest type deals. That way, its paid off in a year, and you dont pay any more than the price of the purchase. Payments are huge though, like 500 a month. Only do this if you have somewhat-liquid collateral, and can sell something easily to pay off the debt as worst case scenario.
  6. Freakazoid

    which 250 2 stroke would you buy?

    RM 250, because of it's cornering ability.
  7. Freakazoid

    Safest Helemts

    Shoei and Arai have been on top of the ball for a long time
  8. Freakazoid

    about that time

    Just a few more weeks here in Massachusetts. Getting them all ready. I was living in Cali/Nevada last year, and it was a similar waiting period for spring to roll around for good.
  9. Freakazoid

    Need help with first bike as an adult.

    For off road, get a 250, either two or four stroke, whatever best suits you.. I normally don't recommend 250 two strokes to novices, but it seems like you're ready to get down and dirty and learn how to ride this summer. You're a little light, so the 250 will feel super fast at first, and you'll probably whiskey throttle a few times, but give it 15 dedicated hours on the bike and you'll get much better. Once you're better, you'll be glad you have the 250 smoker.
  10. Freakazoid


    I'd pass
  11. He probably meant you weren't riding it on the pipe. Is he a smart guy, does he know the kdx powerband? If not, who cares what he says.
  12. Just another thing to break and need fixing.. The honda rocks. I almost got one this year, but went yellow instead too save a bunch of $$$
  13. Get a 350. You could probably learn how to ride a two stroke well, but well enough to race against four strokes..that takes time
  14. Youll be happy with either. Husqvarna has Traction control too, which sounds cool. How much do you weigh?
  15. Freakazoid

    Is a 125 too powerful ?

    Definitely get a 125.