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  1. Freakazoid

    SCARED of crashing and jumping

  2. Freakazoid

    1/27/19 KTM Demo Day - Hollister Hills SRVA

    Nice! I'm going to go to this.
  3. Freakazoid

    2019 yz450f cornering

    I love how Yamahas corner. Some call it "vague", but as a bigger rider I have no issues getting my weight over the front end to make it bite. They are more middle weight bias, versus front weight bias. I can ride the Yamahas so much more aggressively, and while it is a little more tiring, it's so much more fun. They are more stable for me too. I went from a 2015 RMZ 450 to a 2017 YZ450F, and hands down I prefer the Yamaha. I have a modified 2018 Husky FC now and I still prefer the stock 17' YZ450F lol. I bleed blue I guess, I just like that vague turning and rear steering for some reason. Doesn't matter what I like though. It sounds like you know you prefer a more front weight bias bike? You like how the old Kawis and Yamahas feel, but want something that requires less turn initiation? Good news is the new 19' green and blue 450s should turn significantly easier than their older counterparts. The 2019 KX improved both the top and bottom end over the 2015-2018 version, and all the magazine outlets reported it being noticeable. Some said they went to the richer coupler to smooth out the engine, meaning it's probably fast. That being said, I see your situation as you are after a Honda. Get the 2019 Honda! It's should have the engine and handling combination you are searching for.
  4. Freakazoid

    NorCal riding near Tahoe

    Its TRANSylvanian
  5. Freakazoid

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Cool. Thanks for the answer. I had a 2015 RMZ 450 and now have a 2017 YZ450.
  6. Freakazoid

    NorCal riding near Tahoe

    Sorry, I meant MX riding.
  7. Freakazoid

    NorCal riding near Tahoe

    Ya around the lake and in truckee there is too much snow/mud. I don’t mind driving down to lower elevations though, within an hour and a half. I’m just wondering where some good places to ride tracks are besides the big places near Sacramento.
  8. Freakazoid

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Which bike do you prefer?
  9. Freakazoid

    NorCal riding near Tahoe

    Nope lol. Driving around trying to find dry places to ride
  10. Freakazoid

    california NorCal riding near Tahoe

    Anyone riding near Tahoe in Northern California?
  11. Freakazoid

    15 y/o, Yz 125?

    YUPPP Get the 125!
  12. Freakazoid

    2017 versus 2019 YZ450F

    When is Yamaha supposedly redesigning the YZ450F? 2021
  13. Freakazoid

    2017 versus 2019 YZ450F

    I think I am having such a good time cornering this bike because the stock springs are soft for me, allowing this big, fast bike to feel comfortable at medium speeds. I normally like my smaller bikes stiff, but I don't need a super stiff YZ450f. I'm going to be conservative with my changes, and go up only 2 spring rates in the rear, versus the 3 or even 4 sizes up recommended for my weight, and only go up 1 or 2 spring rate in the front since it's already pretty stiff up front. I think sending them off to Enzo will make this bike the best I have ever ridden. I have found a nice sweet 2 bike set up with the 2018 FC 350 as my nimble play bike for tight tracks and technical offloads in the mountains, and the 2017 YZ450F as my go fast, rough track, or desert bike. My next bike is a YZ250 2T, but I wanna give 2T a break for a while, so when I come back they are like new and super duper fun again. I need a spark arrestor to ride here, and I have been debating buying the FMF GYTR Powercore 4, or the FMF Factory 4.1 RCT. From what I have read, the Powercore sort of mimics the stock power curve, but enhances throttle response throughout and maybe a half a pony in places, whereas the 4.1 RCT will clean up the bottom, and move some power to the mid and top? Correct me if I'm wrong. Thing is, the 4.1 RCT is only $50 bucks more in the slip on, and I like the full performance aspect, but I don't know if I really need more performance. I like the stock torque curve and power band. I don't care about the money, but I honestly like the stock curve for now. Maybe I get the GYTR Powercore 4 for now, and save that $50 towards a full exhaust a year from now, to make the bike "new again". I have a feeling I will be keeping this 2017 YZ for a while, even with the addition of other bikes. I'm just so comfortable on it.
  14. Freakazoid

    2017 versus 2019 YZ450F

    For the record, I didn't mean to bash on 2018 and 2019 YZ 450fs. The 19' gets great reviews. I am going to ride a 19' in the next week or two. I may love it, and I will report back how I feel. Before I bought this 2017 I had emailed Kris Keefer, and he guided me towards the 2017. He loves the 2019, but said the 2017 was better for what I was looking for. Watching all the Pat Foster Transworld reviews, I got the same idea, that the 2017 was better for what I am looking for currently. I am always chasing different feels in bikes, as it depends where I'm riding, and I move to different parts of the country all the time haha. The MXA review also says the 2018 put all it's chips in entering the corner, and it doesn't have the same corner exiting or straightline/chop stability as the 2017. I rode the 2017 again yesterday at a super choppy intermediate track. So rough that it was almost like "moguls", it was probably the roughest track I have ever ridden at. I absolutely loved the bike. It feels a little soft at my weight, and rides lower in the stroke, but they still perform better than any other fork I have tried. I can't wait to see how it rides with the correct springs. Overall the bike is so comfortable for me to ride anything. I took it out into the desert a little too. I get on the bike and it gives me confidence to ride faster and charge harder. Whether cornering, or through deep sand whoops in the desert, or a beat up track. I do get tired more riding this way, for sure, but that comes down to my conditioning. I never thought I would feel the most confidence on a big, pig of a 450. But after riding a lot of different bikes over the past few years, this is the most confidence inspiring stock bike I have ever ridden.
  15. Freakazoid

    Wich year should i get ? 15/16/17

    I like reading/listening to Michael Lindsay's, Kris Keefer's and Pat Foster's takes better. edit to add: That's just on the opinions of certain aspects of bikes though. I love MXA for the information, attention to detail, and how they dive deeper into things. I am probably on their site more than any other. I just never line up with their reviews of the chassis and handling. It makes sense that you say they consistently want lightweight easy turning bikes. I am a bigger guy, they may have a tester fleet of mostly smaller/average sized guys, which is why I don't line up with their reviews on handling. I do like KTM and Husky, I have a 2018 FC, but I don't think they are the best. I don't line up with Pat Foster's reviews, and sometimes Michael Lindsay's either, but they always explain the opposite side of their view well. Like they are also thinking about how the bike could be in "other people's shoes". A perfect example that matches with this thread, is the Transworld 2017 YZ450F review with Foster. It's on youtube. Pat Foster doesn't like the chassis balance and handling on the 2017 YZ450f, but the way he explained it in his review, made me know that it was the exact bike I was looking for. Watch the review on youtube if you haven't already, it's a good watch. With Keefer, I pretty much always line up with his reviews and comparisons, so it's basically a shoe in shootout every year for me. Sometimes he places the Honda lower than I would, but otherwise I match up almost directly. Dirt Rider (which Keefer was apart of and heavily influenced), also matches up with me most of the time. Vital and Dirt Rider had 2016 YZ450f in 1st place, and Dirt Rider placed the Yamaha first in the shootout for 2017 as well, which I line up with. Although I haven't ridden the 17' CRF450, but I know it's a smaller bike and I don't like that normally, so am guessing I still like Yamahas best.