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  1. Idahoyamahauler

    Leak from center of motor

    Does that gasket seal the transmission section or just the crankcase ? In any case Looks like trans oil and the only real fix requires a complete tear down. Bummer. 😩
  2. Idahoyamahauler

    Leak from center of motor

    I’d say it’s tranny oil There is no gasket there. The case halves are sealed together with “rtv” that’s a lot of work to just re-seal... I think you would be crazy to not plan on doing a rebuild on some level replacing crank bearings water pump and tranny bearings etc. The parts are relatively cheap and since you are going to have to tear the entire engine down to fix the leak it is a great time to do it
  3. I have a 2012 I bought new. Been an awesome bike.. I would check timing and make sure it hasn’t skipped 80 hours is a good bit of time even with good maintenance including valve adjustments. It could probably use a new timing chain and piston if it hasn’t already.
  4. Idahoyamahauler

    I’m changing my mix ratio to 100:1

    It’s awesome in my saws... but I’m not sure about running it long term in a bike there is a lot more load on a bike crank Even though the saw runs full tilt more. manufactures guarantee anything I think they just bet it’ll last long enough to not be a “ claim”
  5. Idahoyamahauler

    I’m changing my mix ratio to 100:1

    Ever heard of Opti-2 ? Two stroke oil guaranteed at 100:1 for ANY 2t engine I use it in my chainsaws and it is clean. Sounds crazy for a bike I know... I have used it in a 05 yz 250 Ran good and no drip out the pipe I’m a 4 stroke guy myself. But thought Id throw it out there.
  6. Idahoyamahauler

    WR250R won't start.

    I would check for spark at the plug first. If it has sat for that long it definitely needs clean fuel though Also verify that it has good compression but if it ran before there is no reason it wouldn’t have compression now
  7. Idahoyamahauler

    Bearing stuck on crank

    Dude I didn’t backpedal anything When the heat is necessary (for anything) I usually suggest a hair dryer because not everybody has a heat gun.... I’m simply saying it’s not a magic bullet. And depending on somebody’s skill level.... it may not work for them So maybe the hairdryer didn’t work B KOZ you forgot to plug it in I don’t know and I don’t care But I do know how to replace bearings with heat and cold
  8. Idahoyamahauler

    Bearing stuck on crank

    Really dude ? Have you done it with either ? Because I’ve done it with both.... The bearing doesn’t care what heats it up And I am not saying that this is a guaranteed 100% deal But it’s easy to try , most of the time it works (Worked a few times for me ). And it is really cool to see the physics work..
  9. Idahoyamahauler

    Bearing stuck on crank

    No, they don’t. but you can get 400 hours out of a Yamaha crank.... Put in a fresh set of bearings at 200 😎 I hear there is a good trick for doing it Peace.
  10. Idahoyamahauler

    Bearing stuck on crank

    Wow BS ideas huh. What I and “7654” are talking about is not an “idea” And sure as hell not bs. It’s a “proven method” that requires almost no tools and as such it can be done at home. Take your bike to the shop now your tire might be low on air pressure. We wouldn’t want you to risk blowing it up!!
  11. Idahoyamahauler

    Bearing stuck on crank

    It never ceases to amaze me, the aversion that some people have to learning something new and simple.... 🙃
  12. Idahoyamahauler

    Bearing stuck on crank

    LOL. Don’t thank me I didn’t create the physical laws I just try to use them to my advantage 😎 And That’s affirmative. Works on all other bearings as well water pump, transmission, etc.
  13. Idahoyamahauler

    Bearing stuck on crank

    What makes you think I haven’t done it before ? Because you haven’t..... i’ve rebuilt more than one Yamaha from the ground up, late model four strokes. and I’ve had no issues It’s not ideal when the bearing is on the crank because obviously the heat is going to be going to the crank as well But when the crank is frozen and shrinks It usually takes very little heat into the bearing to get them to slip apart. I’ve written about this before on here it’s how I put them together Freeze the crank and put the case half (with the bearing installed )in front of the heat duct for a few minutes Or out in the sun It’s simple physics It only takes .001 inch to get a tight fit The metal expands and contracts at least that much The tricky part is like I said getting one warm while keeping the other cool. Never be afraid to learn
  14. Idahoyamahauler

    Bearing stuck on crank

    Winner winner chicken dinner Yamaha7654 !! That’s how you do it when you don’t have a machine shop in your backyard Even machine shops use heat and cold to their advantage sometimes . Freeze the entire crank and have a hair dryer ready to warm the bearing Works like magic No need to drive to the parts house and you can drink beer while it’s in the freezer
  15. Idahoyamahauler

    What 250f should I buy

    Lmao Lots of freshly rebuilt and low hours stuff on craigslist. Few people would argue that Yamaha four stroke‘s are the most reliable But that is assuming you are comparing a new Yamaha to a new “you decide” There are lots of people rebuilding four strokes these days that shouldn’t be you are rolling the dice with anything used Unless you know the bike Personally I would find one that will allow me to put the most amount into my rebuild If you are not up to the rebuild yourself (Obviously you don’t have the budget for a shop rebuild ) Find something you like that sounds good and feels strong But pull the head and check all the valve-train. check all the clearances, replace the chain, make sure all the valves are sealing Yamaha‘s have the best service manual also, and explain all of this. Good luck on your dice