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  1. jamier2

    Kudos to Rox Risers

    I had the same experience. I had the 2" cushioned ones - and really liked them - but they wouldn't work with my HDB hand guards no matter what I did. Since I had even ground down a bit on those to try to fit the HDBs I sold them to a buddy and got regular 2" ones and saw the "blem" price. I could not tell they were anything but perfect. I'm happy with them but those cushioned ones were so nice...
  2. jamier2

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Got off work early yesterday and went to Interlake with a friend from Owensboro. I'm pretty sure we were the only ones on the entire place. I'm just getting back into riding but we had a blast. Didn't hit any of the single track - friend was on a Scrambler.
  3. Just in case anyone is interested or finds this in the future: The Rox anti-vibe risers do not work with the top plates from HDB. As an added bonus, I found out today they also do not work with HDB next gen hand guards either. The Rox bar clamp location is too far outboard of the original to allow the HDB brackets to match up. I happened to get a decent price on a standard set of Rox pivot risers so I should be able to install the next gen HDB guards once the new risers show up. I had fiddled with grinding a bit of material off the anti-vibe Rox risers so I may be stuck with them. I really really liked the feel of them but I just can't use them on my bike and still use the hand guards I want.
  4. Yeah I agree. If I have to I will, but the bottom bolt would be very close to the edge if I do it. I emailed them and will see what they say.
  5. jamier2

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    I'm from Jasper, maybe 25 minutes from Interlake and just wanted to post so I can keep up. Would love to meet up and ride sometime. Usually ride alone as of now.
  6. I did some searching and studied some pictures of the two versions of the Rox risers and there definitely seems to be a pretty significant difference in how they are made. Looks like I will be doing some machining on the HDB top plates.
  7. Here is a picture of the right Rox riser and you can see it is wider than the original bolt pattern (as expected, but this is more than what others have said they get (if the original is 100 wide and people use 106 with Rox, it should only be 3mm wider per side). You can see toward the bottom of the first pic where I ground the riser to get it to fit closer. It came around 1-2mm closer per side with clearancing. Second picture is the overall width of the Rox risers as installed. Measured just over 113mm. Third picture shows how much material would be removed to widen the holes into slots so it can fit.
  8. This is my first post here, been reading on TT for quite a while but didn't have a bike. I've been modding my 15 CRF250L over the past couple weeks and just ran into an issue. I am running a very similar set up as gnath (maybe others but his comes to mind) with the Rox 2" pivot risers, Pro Taper Evo bars, and the HDB hand guards. I have the 106 x 38/40 pattern ADVx top plate. Started installing the bars today and just can not get the HDB top plate to align with the Rox risers. Fiddled with it quite a while and noticed the Rox pattern is wider than the factory pattern. I think my issue is the anti-vibe Rox risers are machined different than the standard risers. I saw that the bottom of the pivoting part of the riser was touching so I broke out the grinder and took 1-2 mm off this area and was able to get the risers tight against the factory point - can't take more material off without getting nervous about the integrity of the risers. After this I still couldn't get the top plate to line up. I tried loosening the vibe attachment and tried bolting them in multiple arrangements but just can't get it to fit. I measured the bolt pattern with calipers and the Rox risers end up being 113/114 x 38. (3-4mm too wide per side) I'm thinking about calling a friend with a milling machine and trying to elongate the HDB top clamp 3.5mm wider on each side, basically making the bolt holes into slots. Anyone with experience with these that know if I'm somehow making this more difficult than it needs to be? I appreciate any advice you guys may have. I really like the anti-vibe part of the risers, ran them for about 100 miles with the stock bars (with the spacers to fit on the 7/8s factory bars) and love the feeling so I do not really want to go to solid risers if I can help it.
  9. jamier2

    Hand guards with mirrors

    I literally just ordered a set of HDB bars and according to their website they do not sell signals as of now. Some issues with the supplier apparently.
  10. jamier2

    New Members Welcome Thread... : )

    Hi all, Been reading and researching for a while now. Was planning on picking up an old stock 2015 at the dealer then lucked up and a guy down the road had a 2015 with 650 miles on it for sale. Ended up getting it for 1k less than the dealer's bike. Picked it up tonight and just rode it home. I am really excited to get into some light adventure riding.