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  1. HEROrr

    Fly wheel weight for a 125 2stroke?

    Thanks guys! I just installed it today and tried it out around the yard, it felt pretty good! The bike still has the 2 stroke pull, but it is so much nicer on the bottom and the powerband is more predictable. I cannot wait to try it on the trails!
  2. HEROrr

    Fly wheel weight for a 125 2stroke?

    Thanks guys! I think I may keep it. It cost me already $150, if I exchange it then that will cost me another $30... so I think i'll just try it out and if I hate it then maybe I can sell it. And as far as I know my 125 fly wheel weight will fit on the 250 as well which will help it sell :)
  3. Surprisingly there is little information about flywheel weights on small 125 2 strokes on the internet. I need some opinions. I bought a Steahly flywheel weight for my 2014' KTM 125 SX. I opted for the heaviest weight (12oz) well now i'm having some reservations about it. I haven't installed it yet (which is good, means I can return it). Steahly recommended to me that I should probably have gotten an 8oz (10 at the most, 12 was most likely too heavy). I ride very tight and technical woods. I never go full throttle because i'm constantly climbing rocks, and ruts. I feel the 2 stroke powerband is probably not the best for my type of riding, definitely more suited for a 4 stroke, but I can't buy another bike atm so please don't suggest that, I want to continue riding my 2 stroke for another year or two. I just feel the bike needs a little more bottom end, but also I kinda want it to rev a little slower as well, because now it revs way too fast as is. Anyway, if you guys can give me your personal opinions of fly wheel weights on small 125cc 2 strokes then that would be great! Part of me wants to install the 12 just to see how it feels, another part of me wants to return it and get a 7 or an 8 and the biggest part of me wants to return it and not get another weight, just take the money and run.
  4. HEROrr

    Thoughts on YZ85 for adult?

    You two make a lot of sense. I will take your advice. I love the idea of a 2 stroke mainly because it is something I've never experienced before, maintenance is stupid easy (top ends, carbs, & coolant are the only engine-related things to maintain) and they are just ridiculously light. But you're right 2 strokes need to be held wide open to be in the power band and if i'm following my nephew he may be crawling along and it wouldn't be easy for me to follow and probably not good for the bike either. Thanks Doc, I think i'll look into the 230's then, or maybe 250's. I feel like a 200 2 stroke would be too difficult for me to handle, even if it is set up for the woods. What are your feelings on the CRF150? I found one on craigslist for $1,200 that looks pretty good all around, might be a decent choice for my needs. Oh I forgot to mention that I am on a budget for this, $1,500 is pretty much the most I can spend.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm very new to the dirt scene, only a few hours of experience on some dirt bikes. I have a 10 year old nephew who rides an XR70 and I want to take him to the trails. However, I don't have a dirt bike So I want to get one. I really want to try out a 2-stroke, mainly because I never had, and I've been doing some research and I think I want to start really small, like an 85 (YZ85). There's two reasons why I think this would be a good idea. 1. It's not too fast so my nephew can keep up. and 2. I can learn the basics of dirt and once I feel I am growing out of the bike I can just upgrade (i'll buy used so basically won't lose any money anyway). The main reason i'm getting this is to ride with my nephew and his XR70, but I do want to also take it out with some of my friends who are on some bigger bikes, like 125's 2S and 250 4S. I think the 85 should keep up decently, obviously they'll have to go a little bit slower than usual but I think we'll be doing more technical stuff than flat out speed. Anyway what are your thoughts? I've been doing a lot of research but it seems everyone is recommending I just get a CRF150 4S, but I guess I really want to try out a 2 stroke... but I will listen to reason if a 4 stroke would be much better.. Also what's the deal with the big wheels? I heard that's what I want but I can never find them for the 85's, I think it would be alright for me to run the small wheels for a few months and if I really find the need for a big wheel I can just upgrade or sell and get a different bike. Thanks!! edit: Just to clarify my experience, I have been riding street bikes (600's and 1000's) for about 5 years now. I have ridden my friend's 450 off road for about 30 minutes, and I do own a 450 Supermoto which before it was SM I rode off road a handful of times. Along with a 250, and some pit bikes. So I do have "some" experience, but I want to start over and learn the basics from the ground up, I'm a firm believer that will make me a better rider. Also I know a lot of you may laugh at this, but I am short (5'8) and would like to be able to touch the ground off road while I am learning to ride. Eventually once I learn how to ride dirt I will upgrade to a bigger bike that I have to tip toe.
  6. Hoping someone can lend me some assistance here. I have a 1986 KLR 250, it runs but only if I push start it or if I use starting fluid. Also none of the electrical works. No lights, no tail light, no gauges, nothing. I bought the bike this way last week, so as far as I've known these haven't worked in years. It has a battery which reads out at 9 volts when off, I haven't tried while on yet. Some things to note about the bike. 1. The ignition has been removed, not sure how it still runs, I'm guessing PO wired it together. (VIN is clean, not stolen bike!) 2. The kill switch is disengaged, yeah it's fun stalling the bike whenever I want to stop it. 3. The rectifier wire clip is broken, (see photo) It still makes a connection for the most part, but I do have to manually push them in. I was thinking about removing the wiring harness and installing another one, but I wanted to try easier things first before I do that!
  7. HEROrr

    I got a free SP200, thing is in bad shape

    Before I try that I need to see if I have spark first. Unfortunately without a key I have to somehow get the ignition to work without it. I tried screwdriver it but it didn't seem to work. I'm also in the process of painting the whole bike red, figured if it looked half decent it might give me more incentive to work on it. lol
  8. HEROrr

    I got a free SP200, thing is in bad shape

    Something like this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kawasaki-Tecate-1985-stock-Mikuni-VM34-round-slide-OEM-carburetor-/162555920051?hash=item25d9167eb3:g:ycwAAOSwHLNZOfqH&vxp=mtr
  9. HEROrr

    I got a free SP200, thing is in bad shape

    I was reading online and some people said that you can use a VM34 carb on the SP200... If that's possible then that would be awesome because a YM34 carb is much more cheaper and available than the DR or SP stock carb.
  10. HEROrr

    I got a free SP200, thing is in bad shape

    i was thinking the same thing.. but the DR uses the BST31 carb (vs the BST32 the SP uses...) Not sure if they're compatible or not..
  11. This is a 1987 Suzuki SP200 My uncle gave it to me... thing is badddd shape. Huge rats nest in the airbox, oil inside the airbox since it laying on the ground for over a year outside. The carbuertor is cracked and broken, the key is missing, no title, everything is broken... throttle cables are seized, brake lever has no pressure, rear brake disconnected, clutch cable seized. This thing is a NUGGET. However, it's not all bad news... I pulled the spark plug out of it and put a compression gauge on it and she had about 105 PSI after 4 kicks. That's actually pretty damn good all things considered.... I didn't pay anything for the bike so maybe I can put a few bucks into it and bring it back to life one last time.. The plan: well, first things first she needs a carb. I may be able to weld the crack, but I think it's pretty safe to say it's f'd. The carb is a Mikuni BST32 flat side. I've been looking online and I cannot find one, I'm wondering if I can maybe find a replacement carb that will fit... any ideas? Then it will be replacing the cables, new throttle cable, new clutch cable. BUT before all of that I want to see if she even has spark... I didn't test that today, but I will. It's going to be difficult without the key. I am going to try screwdriving the ignition, and if that doesn't work then i'll just touch the ignition wires together. If I can get spark, then I know she has spark, compression and all that's left is fuel... I'll definitely fork out the cash for that. If I cannot get the spark figured out then this project may end before it starts. Anyway, I'm here to learn as much as I can from you guys. I hope I get at least a couple responses to this post! I love tinkering with old bikes and this isn't going to be the first bike I've brought back from the dead, definitely the first suzuki I've ever messed with though. I'm 24 years old so still much to learn
  12. HEROrr

    Good deal on DRZ400SM?

    Oh okay, I guess that makes sense... so is this accurate? https://www.thumpertalk.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x406/todddl/scan0001-1.jpg&key=baa2341346c8239731d3ecf6069713fda277dc08b8257810e4d22bc5b60fae15
  13. HEROrr

    Good deal on DRZ400SM?

    They don't care if you're on the road, it's when you go off road when they try and kill you for it.
  14. HEROrr

    Good deal on DRZ400SM?

    I had knobbies on my KLR and after getting harassed by the EP twice I decided that off road wasn't for me... at least not here in Massachusetts where they will kill you if you even go on a dirt road. I just wanna get a proper supermoto.