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  1. CThumper

    2003 450R hydrolock

    Thanks, I thought I had read the intake valves were prone to failure on 2003 and prior, if they are all interchangeable what makes the 2004+ better? Or am I wrong??
  2. CThumper

    2003 450R hydrolock

    Hey everyone first post, getting a really good deal on a 03 450R. It's street legal but has some issues, last time it was ridden it was dropped into a stream. He said it may have been hydrolocked, and hasn't been able to be started since. I've done some research but is there a good process to troubleshoot the engine or where would you start if your not 100% sure of the history?? I'd like to take the time and do it right. Also after doing some research it looks like this year had was prone to some valve issues, is it possible to update the head to a newer configuration? Or just better to stick with the current setup. Thank you all in advance, can't wait to get out on it.