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  1. Nema281

    Help! 2013 350sxf no start

    Thanks for the responses here's a couple pics.
  2. Nema281

    Help! 2013 350sxf no start

    Figured out the issue with the motor too. I guess I didn't get the timing chain tensioner to pop out so there was no tension on the timing chain. Must have skipped a tooth or something cuz the timing was off too
  3. Nema281

    Help! 2013 350sxf no start

    Found the reason for the no start tonight. I had the subframe powder coated with the frame and didn't clean up where it contacts the frame to ground the frame so there was no ground. Didn't have time to go much further tonight
  4. I want to start off by saying I'm an automotive mechanic that's pretty good at what I do so I didn't just blindly start taking a motor apart with no experience but am struggling with this bike. I bought a 2013 ktm 350sxf over the summer. I figured I would take the winter to do everything over. Got the frame powder coated, clutch, top end, lapped the valves etc. anyways, I finally got the bike back together tonight went to hit the start button and nothing happened. No click from the starter no fuel pump whine no light flash, nothing. Battery is fully charged the main fuse be the air filter is good. If I test the wire on the starter it always has 12 volts to it I don't think that seems right but not 100% sure. Also if I put the bike in gear and try to turn the motor from the rear wheel it moves a little then stops and if I go the opposite direction it'll go the same distance and stop, back and forth. That's with the spark plug removed btw. So obviously I have some issues somewhere with the motor or clutch I guess. I'm wondering if anyone has run across this or has an idea what could have gone wrong and if the 2 problems are related. Oh one more thing, I have an extra Part that I'm not sure where it goes or honestly if it even goes to the bike or one of the cars I was working on I attached a picture. lol I'm sure I sound like an idiot right now and I'm sorry if I do Any help would be very very appreciated. Thanks, Mike