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  1. OK today I put my 05 motor together and it had the stator from the 04. When done tried starting and it did but would not take a blip of gas it would just die instantly. I was totally confused messing with the carb and stuff and no difference. So I remembered I put that flywheel which looks and fits the same. I switched and bike fires right up. I noticed that the one that didn't work had an extra pickup mark on the outside wall like it's telling it to spark twice does anyone know what's going on here and do flywheels go bad?
  2. Tatekx

    Low end bog FCR 39

    Yes you actually remove the leak jet and put a plug in it to supply more fuel to the accelerator pump
  3. Tatekx


    OK today I took my 05 head and cylinder cause it's totally rebuilt and put it on my 06 motor the only thing is I used the 06 cams the bike wouldn't even fart I had spark, fuel , compression is there a reason for this?
  4. Possible bad rings. Not saying this happened but alot of people overlook make sure you check your oil pump and screen if it's not 100% it can open many doors for wearing things out oil is everything with these motors high rev with alot of moving parts. All it takes is alittle time with no or bad oil to do some damage
  5. Ya bud you have to remove I'm doing it myself right now
  6. Tatekx

    Engine swapping-- HELP!!

    How bad is the head ruined it might be easier to jus fix it cause you can open a whole new can of worms with another motor. I've fixed some pretty messed up heads before no matter what a machine shop can do
  7. I know money is sometimes an issue but highly recommend fresh quides and seats cut cause you need to make a good seat and it's apart and it sucks doing things twice 100 bucks to have guides installed and seats cut then whatever the cost of guides for ur application which they aren't bad
  8. Tatekx

    Custom bike suggestions!

    How about put a VMAX motor
  9. Tatekx

    06 rmz 250 case splitting

    Just a recommendation I bought the puller for like 20 bucks or so and it makes life alot easier then smacking with hammers and keeps everything in good shape
  10. Did you try a little heat then the vise grips
  11. Anyone can just go online and look up every place in the country give me some feed back. ( Brought my head there and they did a great job at a fair price would definitely go back to do more business)
  12. OK your cocky post doesn't give me any info. I'm taken your post that you just know who these places are and haven't used them. It was a simple question did you have good work done there or not you post like your a Dirtbike God and cause you said these places that means the world. Don't be a simpleton.
  13. I know there is places that do it cmon now I want to know who had a good experience from o e of these places
  14. Are any of them in Massachusetts? I don't like shipping out to places when I have e no idea of who they are and what there reputation is that's why I posted this. I only want to deal with good people
  15. Hey guys I just wanted to put this up to show you how I e been fixing my head's since I've been getting alot of them with the intake journal totally gone. I get a machine shop would probably be the best idea but I don't even know anyone that does it. Also I'm curious how many people come across this?