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  1. Ratpaw

    Putting USD forks on TTR230 thread

    Finally finished my TTR 230 / YZ 250 fork conversion. I purchased the front wheel, axle, front disc brake assembly, forks and triple clamps from a 2003 YZ 250 on Ebay. I was able to reuse the stock TTR front fender and number plate (although I used a zip tie for the number plate top bolt mount). I actually had Gary Emig fabricate a steering stem to fit the TTR top and bottom steering race/bearings and YZ triple clamps. This made the conversion fairly simple. I also replaced the stock rear shock with a Works shock with remote reservoir. The bike now has much better suspension. Planning to re-jet the carb and do the airbox and exhaust mod this week. Goal was simply to have a good off-road bike with a bulletproof engine and good suspension.
  2. Ratpaw

    Putting USD forks on TTR230 thread

    I have all the parts necessary to now do the fork conversion. After a lot of thinking, I contacted Gary Emig at Emig Racing to make a custom steering stem that will allow me to use the TTR230 bearings with the triple clamps and forks from the '03 YZ 250F. I'll post the results and some photos when I get it done. I plan on trying to do a complete "How To, Step by Step" guide. I'm hoping that going with a custom steering stem will give the best fit/finish and prevent the need for welding/spacers/etc. My conversion will use the triple clamps, forks, fork guards, wheel, axle, spacers, rotor and complete front brake assembly from the YZ. I bought all of this online (including shipping) for about $355. This doesn't include the cost of the custom stem from Emig. My goal is to have a good, low maintenance off-road bike with suspension that is much better than the OEM.
  3. Ratpaw

    Putting USD forks on TTR230 thread

    I found a website from a guy in Brazil (language in Portugese) that has really good How-To videos of the TTR230 and CRF230 fork conversions (www.sparky.com.br). It appears he may use the TTR wheel, but has manufactured axle bushings and spacers that allow this wheel to be used with YZ forks. He also sells the 245MM disk to bolt on to the TTR wheel. It appears to me that he uses the TTR stem with the YZ triple clamps by drilling out the lower clamp so that the TTR stem can be pressed into it. You will need to use bar clamp risers because the YZ forks need to be raised high in the triple clamps, thereby interfering with the handlebars. I just purchased some YZ forks and a triple clamp, and it appears there is approx. 4+/- inches difference in height compared to the stock TTR's. You certainly wouldn't want to raise the front end this much. Raising the rear height may be a problem, and the only manufacturer of a 15" rear shock for the TTR 230 that I know of is Works Performance. I have watched the videos at Sparky.com.br numerous times and even tried to use google translate on the transcript, but I still haven't been unable to understand everything. So if anyone would like to post a transcript in English it would be most appreciated! But the video is great, and there is no need to fabricate/extend the upper race cup or flip the upper clamp upside down (at least that I can tell). From what I understand the prices on his website can be converted to US $ by multiplying the listed prices by the exchange rate of 0.32. I'm getting ready to begin my fork conversion soon, so I'll probably understand more during the process. I'll probably send my YZ dampener rods to Bruce's Suspension in Salisbury, NC to have them modified to make them more adaptable to trail riding.