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  1. RMH3

    XR70 Slug, 2nd gear,

    Funny that you should say that, I was thinking the same.... I did actually. The o rings looked okay but I rtv'd around them just in case. It is experimental at the moment.
  2. RMH3

    XR70 Slug, 2nd gear,

    I did do some carb adjustments. I got the air filter, cleaned everything up,I was definitely running lean before, plug was showing it. Yesterday, I fired it up, let it warm up for a couple mins and it was running a lot better. Not saying it's 100% but I'm close.
  3. RMH3

    XR70 Slug, 2nd gear,

    I will, I just opened up the air box, there's no filter in there, could that be really leaning it out to point of stall? They mustve abused this thing severely to not put an air filter in there. It's the stock air box
  4. I recently purchased a 2003 xr70 for $250, I know a steal...even if it needs a top end...When I purchased it, The carbs air needle was stripped and I couldnt tap/die it out so I sprung and went for a brand new OEM xr70 carb. After installing it I was just test riding and any time I go from 1st to 2nd gear it just completely loses all power, I cant even make a swooping turn with a slight uphill grade without it going out. I can't seem to pinpoint the issue. I shrunk the front sprocket from 15 to 13 teeth from another post I've read and it did seem to help. But anytime I've ridden a stock 50/70 in the past I could start out in 2nd gear. not the case here, it just bogs out. This bike is bone stock. If your're telling me there might be a piston and rings in my near future it won't hurt my feelings because I'll go to the big bore 88. Oh, checked the valve clearances and the timing. Valves were good, Timing was forward one tooth, so I thought that was the problem, not the case. The bike looks like it has been beat on pretty good but most mini's are. HELP! P.S. this is my first 4 stroke dirtbike, I normally roll on an 01 cr250.
  5. RMH3

    Cold Weather CR250

    Here's Reaper. First time I rode a CR250 (01), I almost got hurt and it actually scared me, which takes a lot.... I had to have one.
  6. RMH3

    Cold Weather CR250

    I know the Legend of this bike. Thats why I bought it. Good to know, I'm just good for over speculation.
  7. RMH3

    Cold Weather CR250

    So I have an 01 cr250. I have plans to go riding this thursday at the local arena cross track but the temps are supposed to be a high of 30, so the temps inside will probably stay right there with the outdoors. (I have to assume.) I just got done scrubbing and fluid changes, etc, etc, winter maintenance stuff. I replaced my coolant with engine ice.... I'm concerned with the cold weather, engine ice, and how lean my engine is going to be at temp. Is there anything I should/could do, beyond rejetting the carb, which I just did(still a little rich) to make sure I don't overcool my powerplant. I'm not afraid to admit I'm noobish. I heard people say put duct tape over a rad..... Opinions, please.