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  1. I recently picked up a yz 125, and it has a br9es plug in it, but I've always owned 250s, and only have br8es plugs to replace it if it it Acceptable to run br8es in a yz 125?
  2. Possibly damaged the rings? with the crankcase so full, the crankcase pressure from blow by could've built enough pressure to damage the rings..... just a thought......
  3. I haven't, didn't realize id need one. Anyone know one that would fit?
  4. I recently got LED turn signals for my 05 KLR 650, and after installation, whenever i moved the switch left or right, all four came on.....Any ideas? Old turn signals worked perfectly previously.
  5. Since February 12th :((((( Sunk my KTM, having to do a total rebuild
  6. Why not just use a wired one? Ive never had a problem with wired ones, and the wires are so thin, its a breeze to wire up, and takes up very little space.
  7. Has anyone done any conversions from the get 1 plastics, to the Gen 2 plastics, or anything that made the bike look better.
  8. Well? how'd it go?
  9. Ive been dealing with the same struggles on my 09 ( basically the same as a 08) Ktm 125 sx, with a 04 Ktm 200 sx engine. i am running the 04 pipe, and using a the 09 125 silencer, and they fit perfectly. Granted they are different engines, and frames, thats my experience with an engine swap, and finding pipes/silencers........
  10. I did when it snowed hard here in Mississippi. The worst 15 minutes of my life, with no studded tires, i was everywhere, couldn't control anything. It was a struggle, and super sketchy. Would i do it again? Hell yes.
  11. Thats what i thought, but the manual number pulled a manual up for a 2005 200 sx ??? so i was a little confused. Thank you!
  12. Well.....?
  13. Do You Know if the 05 engine is the same as the 04 engine?
  14. I recently sunk my 09 KTM 125 sx, with a 04 200 SX engine, The crank bearing seized later that night,they had grit in them bad, and it ruined the piston. I soaked the entire crankcase with oil to save the crank, and it seems to be good, but anyway, Im having some struggles finding a shop manual for the 200 SX Engine rebuild it, as well as finding new reed that will fit it. Any help?
  15. I am trying to remove the nut that holds on the clutch basket, but it is larger than any sockets I have. I am going to buy one, but i need to know what size it is, anyone know?