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  1. peyton mcadams


    i currently have the stock gearing, and am running about 4500 rpm to do 70. all i ride is highway/interstate. how much is a sprocket increase to a 16/17 front sprocket going to help me?
  2. peyton mcadams

    BR8ES IN YZ 125

    I recently picked up a yz 125, and it has a br9es plug in it, but I've always owned 250s, and only have br8es plugs to replace it if it fouls...is it Acceptable to run br8es in a yz 125?
  3. peyton mcadams

    2007 YZ450F Fuel in oil, bike quit, won't start

    Possibly damaged the rings? with the crankcase so full, the crankcase pressure from blow by could've built enough pressure to damage the rings..... just a thought......
  4. peyton mcadams


    I haven't, didn't realize id need one. Anyone know one that would fit?
  5. peyton mcadams


    I recently got LED turn signals for my 05 KLR 650, and after installation, whenever i moved the switch left or right, all four came on.....Any ideas? Old turn signals worked perfectly previously.
  6. peyton mcadams

    How long since you've ridden?

    Since February 12th :((((( Sunk my KTM, having to do a total rebuild
  7. Why not just use a wired one? Ive never had a problem with wired ones, and the wires are so thin, its a breeze to wire up, and takes up very little space.
  8. peyton mcadams

    Newer plastics on a gen 1 KLR

    Has anyone done any conversions from the get 1 plastics, to the Gen 2 plastics, or anything that made the bike look better.
  9. Well? how'd it go?
  10. peyton mcadams

    Ktm Conversion exhaust question

    Ive been dealing with the same struggles on my 09 ( basically the same as a 08) Ktm 125 sx, with a 04 Ktm 200 sx engine. i am running the 04 pipe, and using a the 09 125 silencer, and they fit perfectly. Granted they are different engines, and frames, thats my experience with an engine swap, and finding pipes/silencers........
  11. I did when it snowed hard here in Mississippi. The worst 15 minutes of my life, with no studded tires, i was everywhere, couldn't control anything. It was a struggle, and super sketchy. Would i do it again? Hell yes.
  12. peyton mcadams

    KTM 200 SX

    Thats what i thought, but the manual number pulled a manual up for a 2005 200 sx ??? so i was a little confused. Thank you!
  13. peyton mcadams

    2017 SSR125 Build!!!

  14. peyton mcadams

    KTM 200 SX

    Do You Know if the 05 engine is the same as the 04 engine?
  15. peyton mcadams

    KTM 200 SX

    I recently sunk my 09 KTM 125 sx, with a 04 200 SX engine, The crank bearing seized later that night,they had grit in them bad, and it ruined the piston. I soaked the entire crankcase with oil to save the crank, and it seems to be good, but anyway, Im having some struggles finding a shop manual for the 200 SX Engine rebuild it, as well as finding new reed that will fit it. Any help?