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  1. Hi, I have honda xr125cc 2005 year.. I bought it few months ago (around novemeber 2016) and from the time that I have bought the bike I only have problems with it... The bike doesn't have kick-start which means getting it on in a winter was really painful for me and probably for the bike. Week ago I started using the bike more often as i changed the work place and I have realised few things. Firstly - Getting it started, if it is around 5C (which is right now) it takes 10 mins to turn it on so it won't cut other than that if you move the throttle just a little bit it will immediately cut. Secondly - I can't accelerate too quickly (which is the main problem because I can't drive between vehicles) when the bike is idling its fine but as soon as you rev the engine too quickly it will stall, same thing happens when driving slowly and very quickly putting the throttle fully on (will stall - or will make sound like its trying to). When going at normal town speed (around 25 miles/h) and releasing the throttle and than gently putting it on the bike feels like it's trying to do a wheelie. It doesnt accelerate smoothly (only from the first gear when starting from the clutch + sometimes (only happens when the bike is warmed up) starting from the clutch will make a weird sound, like its screaming for help. Gearbox leaver starts to shake for 1-2 seconds and after that its fine). Anyone had similar issues? Anyone know how to get it sorted? I need the bike until october:/ after october it can be scraped. I know my Enlighs isn't perfect but if you cant understand something then let me know ;x