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  1. You got the powercore 4 to go right into the stock header right? No bushing/gasket/sleeve needed? Does it use the stock exhaust clamp? (BTW my bike is the 2015, so there may be a difference?) I can't seem to find any info on just replacing the muffler without aftermarket header....
  2. So an update to my current progress...or lack thereof. Big Gun Exhaust was a flop. Didn't mate with stock header, pipe contacted the frame, tailpipe pushed against the rear turn signal, and overall was a terrible fit. Sent it back and now need to wait on the refund before I can get a proper FMF pipe. Also, got a flat tire. "Fortunately", it was the rear tire that was gonna come off anyway for the new rear sprocket. Get new tube tomorrow. Went ahead and ordered a new D.I.D. VX2 x-ring chain (110 link) Airbox snorkel and backfire screen removed, and EJK only takes 10-15 minutes so I'll probly put it on at the same time I have to do everything else. I'll get to try this stuff out eventually..............
  3. Wow, put the dunce cap on me! I didn't even think about chain length Well I guess we'll just have to see...... Got 5500 miles on stock chain now. She's pretty stretched and broken in, I've had to adjust her quite a few times now, maybe she'll make it onto the new sprocket
  4. I'm gonna hold off on the front sprocket until I know how the 5% gearing ration change ends up working out with the EJK tuner and new slip-on. I don't want to make so many changes at once, that I end up having to learn the bike again! I'm gonna play mad scientist with these one at a time so changes are a little more predictable and I'll hopefully know where to go from there.... Gonna be 2 months before paycheck let me grab anything significant anyway, but appreciate the reminders either way! BTW why is it the 13t/42t is everyones favorite? The ratio is 3.23 Alternatively, replacing just the rear with a 45t gives a ratio 3.215 (14t/45t) That is a minuscule difference, but cost close to half the cost in parts and labor. (Because you only have to replace one part)
  5. Ok I will definitely do that. Gonna go ahead and do some version of the airbox mod before all the stuff gets here, and figure out what I'll want for high humidity/ sea level conditions. Can't wait to see what's in store for me!
  6. Whelp! I ended up swiping some damn good deals! 10% ebay bucks back on ALL of these 42t PBI 7075 aluminum rear sprocket $41 Big-Gun ECO Slip-on $200 (I know I'll lose some points for going cheap, but I saw decent review and the savings allowed me to get.....) Open box EJK tuner for only $175 !!!!!!!!! Shipping methods will determine installation order....something I can live with since they are all shipping for free!
  7. I really appreciate all the responses! I'm looking more into the sprocket situation, and I think I'll start with the muffler swap for the added benefit of lightening up the bike too. I can afford the full header/muffler from "Big Gun" but I can't find much about them? Any thoughts? Or stick with the FMF? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Big-Gun-Exhaust-07-0122-ECO-Slip-On-for-2013-16-Honda-CRF250L-/161983924795?fits=Model%3ACRF250L&hash=item25b6fe8a3b:g:sBoAAOSwMN9XQ42T&vxp=mtr
  8. Did you do both at the same time and ride it? Or one at a time and test the out individually. I just need to know what's going to be best for now, and what to get later... Trust me, I WANT both. Money right now though means I gotta choose the better of the 2 til I can get it all....
  9. I haven't do that yet either, as It's my understanding that would take 5mph off the top speed. Getting overtaken on the highway because I can barely do 70mph is one of my bigger issues right now. Am I mistaken?
  10. See I have a problem on both of those ends...I can't get the bike doing better than 70mph, and I know gearing it down would make accelerating better, but I need more top end too. I will eventually get both mods, but I have money for one or the other right now...barely.
  11. FIRST POST! I have a bone stock 2015 CFR250L (Smallest bike I've ever owned, actually) No airbox mod or anything like that yet.....struggling to keep up with crazy traffic! I need more power out of it. Where is my money best spent? I'd love if the fuel mileage improved too, as I struggle to get over 55mpg. (I'm 6'1", 225lbs with my backpack) Assume I only get one thing, I'm on a budget for now. Should I just get just the EJK tuner? Just the powercore muffler? Just a header and keep stock muffler? Stop being cheap and get the whole exhaust? What gets me the most $$$-to-Horsepower conversion rate here?