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    Stupid Turn Signal / Horn button locations

    That's a great safety measure to help prevent the dreaded left turner from not being able to see you. I have been doing this for many years and teach anyone I ride with to do the same.
  2. Steve Harpole

    CRF250L Suspension/Handling Upgrade Thread

    Not sure where he found it but here is were I found one.. Nice price too @ $348.92. https://bikerzbits.com/yss-shock-absorber-crf250l-mz456-395tr.html
  3. Steve Harpole

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    You hit the nail on the head. 32 lbs while good for road riding on the Shinko 705's felt downright scary on the K270's. Probably the center lug was the only part of tire making contact with the road , thus causing the squirrly feel to the tire. Dropped to 22 and she feels great, and I am able to get plenty of lean angle on and off road now. Whew, never do that again lol
  4. Steve Harpole

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Just did a test ride to work and they are sketchy and downright scary to the point I pulled over to check the rear tire for a puncture. Cornering on pavement feels like the rear is going to just step out and the front is not confidence inspiring at all. I really thought I had a flat rear tire. It was that bad. Hopefully it is just the high 32 lbs of pressure I was running so I will drop them down to 18-22 and re ride. Could also be coming off Shinko 705's that were like on rails on pavement that I just need to get used to the way knobbie tires feel on pavement again. Either way, I plan on using this bike 80% off road exploring and 20% on road so I will just take it easy on the pavement. Thanks for the info.
  5. Steve Harpole

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Swapped out my street tires for my knobbies. Kenda K270. Time to get dirty now. I noticed when I swapped out my front tire my brake pads are 1/2 to 3/4 worn. What do you guys recommend as replacements? I use a lot of front brake and very little rear.
  6. Steve Harpole

    "The Recovery Room"

    Yea, stock battery is pretty good. I was down to riding my bike to work 1 or 2 times every 3-4 weeks this winter. Work was only 5 miles one way before we moved and I never had it on a tender either, but it fired right up every time with no signs of weakness.
  7. Steve Harpole

    Down Hill cliffs

    When I was 19 I would gas it and wheelie over edge, chop throttle in air to stay level. Gas it at touchdown. Now I would just turn around and avoid it all together lol
  8. Steve Harpole

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Yes, they are the same.
  9. Steve Harpole

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    What did you do to your CRF250L today? Pissed her off. How? By riding another gal home.. Maybe they will get along well together, but right now she's pissed. (jealous)