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  1. First time out on 2t. What a blast. Decided to rest her a bit.
  2. Kansas

    You might be my twin
  3. Kansas

    We will be there all day Sunday. Beta 300 rr and ktm 350 exc. The way you abused that 10 year old boy in that race, we may be outclassed. [emoji15] Look for us [emoji16]
  4. Gonna give her the college try this weekend.
  5. Kansas

    Chadwick this weekend, first trip on the 300. All plastic can be returned to inspiration cabins. [emoji4]
  6. Thanks ccullins, If I don't like what I did I am blaming you for affirming what I did! Actually, I appreciate all the input. I have a lot to learn.
  7. Split, that keeps all the jerk on one forum.
  8. I am @ 1000-2000 feet around here. Next month moab 4k-5kish this fall taylor park 7500-13,000 Who has this better jetting that you speak of. The forum is all over the place and usually ends up in a oil discussion, which may be relevant but leaves more questions than answers. I think if I could get it right here at my altitude I could anticipate the others correctly. I have half a mind to just delete the OI but we do some long trips that would be nice to have it. I have been trying to come up with a plan to use the oil tank to carry the oil and then meter it directly into the tank when I fill up. To avoid carrying bottles. Like a little petcock on the bottom and keep a little light weight cup under the seat...? I am relived that little to no smoke is not necessarily a sign of no oil. I will check the plug as well. Thanks GP
  9. I am always a bit nervous to start a new thread, especially about a topic that has so much info available. I just want to be careful and not burn up my bike. I recently did a small overhaul on my bikes suspension. In doing so I took off the air box and oil injection system. When I put it back together I primed the oil line from the pump to the carb neck so I wouldn't have any run time without oil. (thought that was smart) I should mention that the bike is new to me, I bought it this winter and only put a couple hours on it. During those couple hours I had noticed some issues with spooge and bogging off idle especially when cold. So while I had it apart I pulled the jets. According to the Beta Chart it had been jetted for 7500-10000 feet which makes sense as it came from the black hills in SD. I installed the correct jets for my altitude and current temp, got the bike back together and fired it up! Sooooooo..... I am new to two strokes but I was guessing that richening the jetting would make More spooge, and more smoke. I only rode for a couple minutes so I can't comment on the spooge but it has almost no smoke. This would not bother me except I had the OI out and want to make sure that the smoke difference is the jetting change and not the OI not working. I also put in AMSoil Dominator. Not sure what was in it but it was blue. Questions: 1. Could richer/correct jetting cause less smoking? 2. If I had spooge, wouldn't richening make it worse? It was owned by and older gentleman (72yrs) so i am guessing not hammered and the packing may be saturated 3. Without tearing out the OI (I know the arguments) can I be assured it is pumping oil? In the few minutes I rode it it ran great, with my limited experience I would have to say that the low was more crisp and less boggy on the pipe seemed more responsive. It all is new to me and I don't always know what I am feeling but love the bike and don't want to burn it up. You guys have helped learn a lot bout this bike so thanks. Gary, I just realized when I signed that the name "Gary" gives no credibility to my enduro prowess. The tag on my 500 says "Raging Petunia" so go figure
  10. A buddy has them on his xt. He doesn't complain. Three guys I ride with have them and like them. Not bear proof though [emoji199]! Found out this summer
  11. I prefer the plywood on the top of the bucket. New shoes for the princesses. Out with the old in with the Shinko/Tubliss.
  12. Kansas

    I am one of your most loyal subscribers, and have been for almost 5 minutes now. Remember me when the $2.50 starts rolling in. [emoji4]
  13. New plastics Shock springs and oil (thanks for help) Pipe o-ring 3 gallon tank Brake light Inner fender Air box Sub frame (upper) On deck: Shinko 505 cheater x two Shinko F546 x two Graphics Ride on, hopefully Rockies next weekend. Thanks for the help TT. All firsts for me.
  14. Does larger spring use less oil, or is it insignificant? I went up two spring sizes.
  15. FUHL, It's ok to be wrong. [emoji4] actually we aren't great this year. Fun time of year. Guess we'll just have to comfort ourselves with 14 straight conference championships. [emoji106] Zags ara strong.