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  1. newk75

    Finally got a beta!

    Shrubitup, are you inferring that some people on this forum intentionally misrepresent themselves !? I should certainly hope not.
  2. newk75

    Finally got a beta!

    I have no reason to doubt you, but without photographic evidence I will assume you don't actually own a motorcycle.
  3. If you take the speed expectation out of it there are a lot more options. There are no bikes that are good at everything. If you buy the bike that you think you will fit you best for a good price, you can drive it for a while and get your money back out of it if you want to try something different. The WR is hard to find for a reason, owners hang on to them.
  4. Suzuki drz 400, best bang for your buck, and one of the more versatile and reliable bikes. Others are good to but hard to beat the tried and true and nothing does everything well. You can find lighter, heavier, more dirt worthy, or more street worthy, but it does everything ok or well. Plus they can be picked up for under 3k. If you are used to a moped the may be a little tall.
  5. newk75


    Joined! I feel very swanky. Looking forward to see what Bryan is up to. The other day I commented in another thread and next thing I knew I was locked out of it. I could still see people posting in my notifications but I was excluded. I hope this isn't the direction tt is heading. I like to browse the content without a lot of hassle.
  6. newk75


    Just wondering the purpose of the closed group? I enjoy seeing the Chadwick chatter.
  7. newk75


    Well played,
  8. newk75


    To the best of my knowledge HDR hasn't started a thread specifically to belittle another person, so you have him beat there! congrats
  9. newk75

    2018 300RR - I want your input!

    I was headed for husky, and ended up red. I couldn't be more happy with my 300 rr. I ride similar terrain and am happy with the suspension but am considering dropping in some cartridges. The RR tracks like a train and is just plain ridable. I haven't heard many that are disappointed. Buy ride.
  10. Not really, Chadwick is south of Springfield. RSR is just into Missouri by Arkansas Border by Pineville Mo. It is mostly ATV and UTV. I did not run into them much but every track is double and rutted with grapefruit size rocks in the ruts. It was fun but nothing like Chadwick. It's only benefit is that it is closer.
  11. Rush springs ranch, south of Joplin.
  12. My gopro listens about like my kids.[emoji19] btw hit that subscribe button, the more you watch my vids the more you will like Dmac1's. Hey, I may be slow but at least I'm not talented. #doublethreat
  13. The Velcro thingy, I have the dango clamp style also but it doesn't fit my new helmet. I like the Velcro one better in some aspects but I need to rig it to hold the camera a little lower. I like a little more of the bike for perspective of the bumps. I have the hero 5. I need to learn to edit, I could cut out all the head wagging and boring stuff.... Oh well, good enough for who it's for! [emoji12]
  14. newk75

    Post your Beta video here..

  15. Did someone say Moab! Here's a little Widow Maker / Metal Masher. I edited it myself , eat your heart out Dmac1 [emoji39]. https://youtu.be/xwxOBeub420