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  1. newk75

    2018 300RR - I want your input!

    I was headed for husky, and ended up red. I couldn't be more happy with my 300 rr. I ride similar terrain and am happy with the suspension but am considering dropping in some cartridges. The RR tracks like a train and is just plain ridable. I haven't heard many that are disappointed. Buy ride.
  2. Not really, Chadwick is south of Springfield. RSR is just into Missouri by Arkansas Border by Pineville Mo. It is mostly ATV and UTV. I did not run into them much but every track is double and rutted with grapefruit size rocks in the ruts. It was fun but nothing like Chadwick. It's only benefit is that it is closer.
  3. Rush springs ranch, south of Joplin.
  4. My gopro listens about like my kids.[emoji19] btw hit that subscribe button, the more you watch my vids the more you will like Dmac1's. Hey, I may be slow but at least I'm not talented. #doublethreat
  5. The Velcro thingy, I have the dango clamp style also but it doesn't fit my new helmet. I like the Velcro one better in some aspects but I need to rig it to hold the camera a little lower. I like a little more of the bike for perspective of the bumps. I have the hero 5. I need to learn to edit, I could cut out all the head wagging and boring stuff.... Oh well, good enough for who it's for! [emoji12]
  6. newk75

    Post your Beta video here..

  7. Did someone say Moab! Here's a little Widow Maker / Metal Masher. I edited it myself , eat your heart out Dmac1 [emoji39]. https://youtu.be/xwxOBeub420
  8. I feel like motion pro is making some of the best splint irons on the market!
  9. njoytheride, good to see you keeping your chin up. I enjoyed riding with you on the non-broken leg Moab trip. You cant keep a Beta brother down.
  10. You won't be disappointed, there are quite a few guys coming off KDM that can give you some technical and performance details. Since I have been primarily a Beta rider I only comment on my experience in riding my buddies KDMs vs Beta. I take away two things that I love about my Beta. 1. It tracks straight, always underneath you. It is partially setup, but it is always ridable and always there under you doing what you want it to do. I have no doubt that you can find a bike that has more raw power (although it is not weak), but it would be hard for me to believe that you would find more usable power. I've heard some whispers that it is thin on the top end.... I dunno about that but if you ride like Graham Jarvis you won't be needing that part of the revs anyways. 2. The very first thing I notice when I jump on the KDM is the difference in the rake of the front end. The Beta's front wheel feels further forward. For me that means easier placement for hopping logs, getting up ledges, and general wheel placement. I am sure that once you get used to KDM it would be no problem but I feel like i am going over the handlebars on the KDM especially on dropping off ledges on seep downhills. Good luck, Beta is a nice bike. You would also have to get used to being a little more cool than your non beta friends.
  11. newk75

    300 race edition

    Don't know if it's a common problem but I'm 6'1" 210 lbs and when I re-sprung my 300 I ordered correct shock spring weight but stock spring length. Screwed it all the way down and still couldn't get rider sag correct. I'd consider a longer spring. Maybe this is something I should of known? Has anyone else has this issue?
  12. newk75

    1979 KDX 400

    Not like the betas, you know, moneymakers. [emoji106] those old bikes are cool, just hard to put down the modern bike for a " cool" old dual shocker. I think I'd rather have an old Yamaha 465 given the choice. Didn't know if I'd stumbled onto green gold.
  13. newk75

    1979 KDX 400

    Any idea what the "right price" is?
  14. newk75

    1979 KDX 400

    No idea
  15. newk75

    1979 KDX 400

    Found this bike in a building that I'm possibly doing some work on. Considering a little barter. He says he still rides it. Any thoughts? It was stuck in with a bunch of other bikes so no good photos.