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  1. newk75

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    I found mine 10 hours away but the owner met me half way. The local dealer vouched for it. Little work and I bet you could scare something up.
  2. newk75

    To tune or not to tune?

    Have your cake and eat it too. Order cartridges customized for you from MX Tech drop them in and ride.
  3. newk75

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    That's the way to do it! It's getting harder and harder to get ahead these days. Hard work is great but you gotta mix in some good memories. I bought a '17 500 rr-s new and a '16 300 rr used and I don't think I'd buy new again. Paid close to double for the new bike and it's no more fun than the used one (actually quite a bit less fun). IMHO the 300 is the most versatile bike in your list, especially riding with your kids you can just tractor in low. However when you want it, it's all there.
  4. newk75

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    I wish my dad would of thought like you! While my friends were riding bikes I was working, for free BTW. Working age wasn't discussed. He was a little harsh though. Enjoy riding with those boys, each stage is something you can't get back. During the summer we had to work from 7 am to 1pm every day except Sunday for free, then we could play with each other (no tv). I don't quite agree with the method but it's fun to hold it over my kids heads now, "when I was your age ☝️". By the way my daughters have a PW 50 that I paid $600 for which was $200 more than my first car, that I shared with my two brothers and two sisters.
  5. newk75

    Finally! A 300

    So if it's a little rich at 9.23mm should I go another mm? what is acceptable without going too far?
  6. newk75

    Finally! A 300

    Shrub, So I have an issue, like a lot of Betas, i feel like my bike is running a little rich. Gas comes out of the overflow when it tips just a little to the side. So float level may be an issue. I used the video above in your post to inform my attempt. Here is the issues/ data. When I checked the float with the carb horizontal and blow in the fuel line it stops all airflow at about 9.2 mm which is far short of parallel. While I am ok with that I was expecting to find the carb shutting off gas when the float is parallel to the carb body. When I check the carb at 60 degrees it is the same. It is just resting on the jet at a little over 9mm. So my question (if I'm thinking correctly) should I continue to bend the tang up to get the gas to shut down earlier even though I am already far short of getting to parallel? The most I have really seen snooping around it 8mm, seems like over 9mm I could start moving to too lean? My gas mileage sucks by the way. Here is a pic with the float just resting and it is past parallel at 9.23mm
  7. newk75

    Beta quality slipping?

    When I decided to look for a 300 I just called a dealer and asked for the salesman/manager and asked if they knew of anyone with a 300 looking to upgrade. Within an hour I had two guys that would sell me theirs. The wanted a fair price but they weren't ok with trade in value. I don't know if it is always this easy but the salesman waned the sale on the new bike so he was motivated to help, and he had a list of people that wanted a new bike "if the could just get a decent price" for their old bike. In this case my choices were a 16 rr and a 17 Race.
  8. Yes, it just goes into the neck between the carb and head.
  9. You have a lot of miles left once the light comes on, but is sucks to be the one making the call on when it is actually time to take the light seriously. This may not be the thread to promote this, but I love the modern tech on dirt bikes. I feel like my beta (problems and all) has advanced my riding ability far beyond where it would be if I was still on my old XR500.
  10. First time tearing into a top end on my 300. Since I bought it used I have no idea how many hours are on the piston. The bore looks great (to me), does this all look normal?
  11. It seems simple but in my case the OI light came on in a wreck and it was still working, It also comes on when it is low, so you would have to guess if it is low, not working or out. Not to say that wouldn't be an alternative but seems just easier to control exactly the rate you want with premix and be done with it. I think it's a personal choice, If you base all you decisions based on the bad stories you hear online you will never leave your garage.
  12. The Race Editions don't have OI
  13. Beeta OI runs a weak ass fish tank pump. They don't make em like they used to. Plus I listen to guys on TT that prey on the weak and fearful..... thanks HR
  14. I hear you, if I had a lot of riding out my back door I would run it all day long. Even it I was going to riding parks where rescue is an hour or less away. My issue is small but loosing out on one ride is 50% of my season so I am just dumbing it down a bit. As Wheezer mentioned the computer aspect is another layer to the equation. Most never have problems. I intend to make my oil reservoir a storage tank for oil with a little ball valve so I can always go to the pump and have oil available. One of the nice things about Beta 2T is it is plated so I take it to town occasionally and definitely on long rides @ taylor park and mowb.
  15. My only goal is to bring a ride report to this fine thread. I have always found that lack of talent can be overcome with lack of intelligence. A philosophy that has served me well.