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    HELP 2012 Wr 450 getting hot FAST

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    HELP 2012 Wr 450 getting hot FAST

    Well I know this is later than expected but when I pulled the impeller housing off to change impeller stuff I found out that my impeller wasn't spinning at all, I could spin it freely with my finger. Upon initial inspection I figured that maybe the shaft had broken, but when I pulled the right side of the case off I noticed the inside of the counterbalance shaft was completely stripped out. For shits and grins, and also because I need to regularly ride this thing, I stuck a ball of JB Weld Steel Stik in the hole (it's like play dough) to fill up the stripped out portion and let it dry over night. Now the water pump works as it should and flows coolant through the coolant system again (Yay!) But now that it's all back together coolant is coming out of the weep hole on the bottom of the impeller housing. Yay I get to tear it all apart again and do impeller shaft seals/bearings! Eventually when I finally go through the SD card on my gopro I will post a video of the whole ordeal
  3. Brady Brittain

    HELP 2012 Wr 450 getting hot FAST

    Here lately, probably the past month or so, my 2012 wr450 started running a lot hotter than usual. It happened right around the time I put some header wrap on my head pipe so I thought that was the issue and left it at that. Well I deliver for a company on my bike and its been warming up here in texas the past few weeks ~80's I decided to take the header wrap off because it felt unbearable riding with how hot this thing is now. So I take the wrap off and the bike still gets stupid hot stupid fast. Now when I say stupid hot I don't mean boiling but temps, but way higher than it used to in a shorter amount of time. Before this issue it could be 60 degrees or so outside and my trail tech fan would never kick on. Ever. The fan temp was set to trigger at 175. Now even when it is this cold out (60's) it can hit 175 in maybe a mile of easy riding. I ride on the street so it's constant air flow pretty much all of the time. The bike does have Engine Ice in it and it is full in the rad and appropriate amount in the reservoir. I started it this morning to see if the coolant was circulating with the cap off and the level would kind on bubble (probably not the right word for it) but it would kind of go up and down maybe a half inch or so every second or two. So I assume the pump is working as it should? Not sure but i've got a buddy who is bringing his stock water pump over and I am going to drain and clean my coolant system with white vinegar and water 50/50 to clean and flush all the junk, if there is any, out of the system and then try his pump setup. I checked my oil and it doesn't look milk shaked inside but I do plan on changing the oil tonight to see if there is anything going on in there which will tell me if impeller shaft seal is bad etc etc. Also, When it's in the garage and running my temps on my GYTR tuner says the engine temp is 150/160's when the trailtech fan kit is saying 180's but once the bike is off they seem to equalize out within 2 or so degrees from eachother. Not sure if that tells me anything but this is far all I know off the top of my head currently, If things change or I remember I will update the thread. The bike has 320 hrs on it probably 98% street riding as this is my daily driver. It is not losing coolant, leaking or burning. Valves are all in spec, checked last night (for the first time lmao) GYTR ECU and FMF powercore4 pipe Oil should be good but I am going to do it anyways tonight. Coolant getting flushed and cleaned along with a "new" water pump this evening aswell. If anyone has some tips or things to check for etc let me know. Thanks in advance!