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  1. JVSquared

    1984 kdx 200 piston

    Old thread I know...but my 2 cents worth-my 1984 kdx200 needed a piston bad. None available. Based on this thread a bought a wiseco std bore piston for a 1995 kdx200. It was 3mm longer from pin to bottom of skirt. I ground that 3mm off because it interfered with the crank. The piston is identical from the pin up. Once ground off and slightly chamfered, I put it all back together. Started on the third kick and idled and revved nice. Can't take it for a break-in ride yet due to 3 feet of snow outside...but it's lookin good. In addition I rebuilt the shock and had it charged to 145psi Nitrogen, replaced fork seals and oil, installed new swingarm bearings and rear suspension rocker assembly. Cleaned and lubed everything else. Can't wait for spring.........