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  1. Yep, I completely agree Emilio. Gonna order the Oberon and get my bike out of there.
  2. Well guys, just St spent quite some time reading every post in this thread for 3 days. I want to thank all of you for the trial and error on the tuning, going to save me a lot of time, but not money! Jesus these parts are expensive. Had my slave cylinder go out so I dropped it off where I bought at Berts on Monday. Not under warranty and to my knowledge they haven't even looked at it yet. Gonna go pick it up this afternoon and order the Oberon and balls rebuild kit for a backup and just do it myself, could have been riding this weekend. Going to be hard to drop the cash on the vortex. Anybody stand by the EU map vs the vortex? Thanks
  3. Well guys and gals, glad I found this thread but I hope it's not too late for my engine on the 17 fe501. Was riding arrowhead to big bear 2 weeks back and had mine fail. Pulled the master cylinder cap off and a bunch of hot air under pressure shot out, completely empty. I stole fluid from the rear brake and filled the reservoir up, no dice. Now I had no clutch and no rear brake, ha! I slammed gears for 20 miles to big bear, had my wife meet me and loaded in the truck. Got home, bought a mighty vac. Bled the slave and it worked! Took the bike out to wagon wheel for thanksgiving, rode 1.4 miles before failure. Dropped the bike bike off at Berts Mega Mall where I bout it on Monday and my service manager had never heard of the problem. He also assured me that brake fluid getting into the motor would t be an issue.....Gonna call first thing in the AM and see if they will switch to Brembo as a good faith effort. I have 400 miles on the bike and my warranty expired in August. FML. Im hoping they will do a good faith effort and that my motor doesn't blow up. I think it's important that we all, if you haven't already, write husqvarna about this issue and document it referencing this thread. It is simply absurd that they aren't issuing a recall to stand behind their expensive product. I'm going to politely and professionally let them know this is BS and if they don't issue a recall or take care of us they will lose business and reputation. I agree that the bike is awesome otherwise and may be petty to make a big deal over a $100 part. However, on the same token, Husky should take responsibility for a $100 part to protect their reputation. This is simply ridiculous on a $12k bike. I hope we don't have to see threads on the 18's about brakes failing and people getting hurt....may be the start of a class action.... My 2cents.
  4. cg818

    2017 Husky FE501 Map Switch

    10-4 thanks for the feedback. I thought the bikes got different forks this year from 16' and should be all good. I will report back after a few rides to break in and adjust them.
  5. Happy Tuesday all, 3 more days til ridin' :). I just picked up a 17' Husky FE 501 and was anticipating having the option to switch my maps and turn traction control on and off. Yet, there is no switch mounted on the bike and I was so damn excited at the dealer that I looked it over. The pamphlet that came with the bike says that all enduro models are equipped with the switch. Haven't called the dealer yet, but wondering if you guys know anything about this. Kind of feels like false advertising by Husky and KTM, aka I'm not receiving the bike that I paid for.