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  1. Chinballs

    Daytona.....are both Stewarts showing up???

    Jimmy Shaolin 7 didn't become #2 in all time wins laying around and I have his Chinballs to prove it ! Suck it Easy WHINERS ! CHINBALLS!
  2. Chinballs


    50 accounts? Pffffff ! A M A T E U R ! ! ! G O O N ! ! !
  3. Chinballs

    FLY..... Where's my money bitch!?

    Easy Francis, Do i look like this Fly guy or something. I'm Chinballs DAMN IT !!! No. Do YOU !?
  4. Chinballs

    FLY..... Where's my money bitch!?

    I'm not a Fly , I'm Chinballs Lick me