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    Power valve screw doesn't stop adjuster

    The rubber peice was missing, and I wasn't sure if there was suppose to be one. that's what I was trying to ask in my post. I have already had a mechanic take all that apart and I'm sure he checked all that, but it's a little over my head so I'm going to avoid taking all of that apart, my powervalve works properly it's only the screw that is suppose to hold it in place that didn't work (because the rubber peice was missing.
  2. Wheelieboy

    Power valve screw doesn't stop adjuster

    U gave me no answer but only referred me to another webpage. It wasn't "too hard", I am just new to the site and wasn't sure how to find it. I found ur post and it did answer my question so thank you, it did help me very much. But the simple answer to my original post would have been that it is held in place with a rubber peice tht is pressed down with the tightening screw. Simple.
  3. Wheelieboy

    Power valve screw doesn't stop adjuster

    Not sure what pages your talking about and can't find that topic. It's a pretty simple question so I shouldn't need to drag out anything? I'm pretty sure it just needs a rubber peice on the inside of the screw that holds the pv adjustment screw in place, correct? (2008 Ktm 125sx)
  4. Hey I've been experiencing problems with my powervalve. I turned the powervalve adjuster with a wrench without loosening the crew that holds it in place (forgot all about the screw). I then loosened the screw, realizing my mistake, but when I tightened it back on it didn't stop the adjustment knob from moving freely. My bike is a KTM 125sx. I unscrewed the screw out completely and it is only a short screw that does not physically contact the power valve adjuster. How is this screw suppose to work? Am I missing a part or is the screw suppose to hold the adjuster by air compression or something? p.s. There is a small constant leak of oil from the adjuster knob, but poured oil for a second or two after shutting bike off last time I rode it. Also the power valve adjustment doesn't seem to change when screwing the adjuster valve in/out but I could be incorrect about this since I haven't had much time to test/mess with it.