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  1. Check your ground cable. Even after I taped it up and made sure it wasn't running the metal fender frame it still did similiar to what your experiencing. Dealer put in new ground cable and works fine now. Dealer said he had 2 other '17s with same issue.
  2. Sounds similar to my '17 450excf 6 days. My ground cable from battery was shorting out at the metal rear fender frame thing.
  3. I tapped both my 500 and 450, ride with guys who have done same. Easy to do but as noted above don't tap to far.
  4. I've seen some websites say increased flow so better cooling when removing thermostat, but dumb question I have is will fan still function?
  5. I like the Maxxis Desert IT for the rear on my '17 450excf 6 days. Wears really good. Had the golden tyres for my '15 500exc and liked the front, the rear didn't last long in desert hard pack/single track. Size 140/80 on the 500.
  6. Ok, took to the dealer as I was putting in Rekluse also. They said the ground wire was the problem, it was sparking for them as well. Replaced it and was working fine, rode the next day and no problems. He said this is second one he's seen with this issue.
  7. Appreciate the input. Battery connection was first checked in the desert, vent tube as well.
  8. My seat pan for the '15 500. I ordered the whole set for my '17. Haven't received it yet.
  9. Got the SC low on my '15 500 and has plenty cushion. Ordered another low for my '17 450.
  10. Appreciate the input. Battery connection was first checked in the desert, vent tube as well.
  11. Yesterday at about 25 miles of desert riding, bike started to bog and few seconds later died. Couple weeks ago I posted about bike wouldn't start and seemed to be related to loose battery connection. So first thing I checked and was fine. Tried to check the fuel filter but didn't have tool to remove. Anyway bike started and ran a few minutes then bogged again and died. Felt like wasn't getting fuel. After couple minutes it would start and repeat same as I was working my way back to a friends camp. Then the fuel light came on just before it died. Next time tried to start but now no turnover. I jiggled the connection where filter is and then heard ? Fuel pump noise then started up. at camp I removed the filter cleaned with gas and air and rode fine for about 3 miles then bogged and died again. No turnover, jiggled fuel line, started up and rode about 10 miles no problem. Today I rode down my street. Washed it, and when tried to start no turnover, no power at all. Thought was fuel issue, now is this electrical? I have no idea what to check next. desmog, tps .72, FMF F41
  12. Mine is at .72, no backfire, no flameouts but starting is a bit more sluggish, I may back down a bit from here.
  13. Appreciate the responses, Ill check the connection again.
  14. My '17 450excf 6 days wouldn't start this weekend while I was getting it ready to do some maintenance. Pushed start button and heard a click under the seat, tried again and no juice at all, thought it was a blown fuse. All were good, tried to charge it and same issue. Tried another battery and same thing until I noticed a faint spark coming from the ground wire. It was touching metal, moved it and now works fine. I zipped tied rubber hose around it to prevent from happening again. The blue pen in pic is pointing to where it made contact.