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  1. I currently have a 2017 DRZ400S with the usual mods, FMF pipe and 3x3 mod and I've got 3200 miles on it and it's a great bike but I'm now looking for a more suitable highway capable ride. I know about the KLR 650 and it's my first choice but one of my favorite rides will involve 75+ mph highways up to Broken Bow, OK from the Dallas, TX area and I'm wondering if it can handle that for extended time? I'm also considering the Africa Twin but I really don't need all the electronic drive mods that it comes equipped with, I'll be riding 80% paved roads and the rest minor offroad including rock/dirt roads. So my question is will the KLR handle those highway speeds ok or is it worth it to buy the Africa Twin and not have any concerns on the slab? I know there's a lot between these 2 bikes but I want the option of going offroad anytime as well so I've narrowed it down to these two. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks
  2. JD1469

    New CRF450L - Modern DRZ?

    Either way this is great for the motorcycle community as a whole! This bike looks and sounds amazing on paper, no matter what it's intended purpose is what's more important is that a major Japanese manufacturer has finally taken notice of this segment and if it's successful hopefully others will follow. Don't even get me started if they come out with a 450 or 600 Rally like the 250L lol
  3. JD1469

    Best Iphone Handlebar Mount

    I appreciate all of the feedback! I just purchased the Ram Mount with Claw from Rocky Mountain so I'll have it by Friday. Thanks to everyone that gave some insight!
  4. JD1469

    Best Iphone Handlebar Mount

    Thanks for the info I appreciate it! Glad to get some feedback that these mounts actually work and can be bought for so cheap Thanks!
  5. Hey guys I'm looking for info on the best handlebar mount for a IPhone 5s? I have a DualTek hard case and just looking for the most secure/strongest out there for the street. I've been trying to avoid getting a phone mount for over a year so if anyone has any ideas on how to be able to hear/see the phone without mounting it then I'd be interested in that as well! Just looking to see what works for everyone? Thanks in advance!
  6. JD1469

    Introverted Riders?

    I ride alone 99% of the time on purpose, because I enjoy it. I'm in Sales and not an Introvert at all, I've rode with groups and friends in the past and had a great time doing it but its more enjoyable and peaceful to me to usually just do an unplanned ride alone, never know where or how far just depends on how much time I have (I never ride further than 200 miles from home so far and always just day rides, home by dark). I always tell my family where I'm going, how long I'll be gone and carry a cell phone and where I live in North TX you'll have to drive alot farther than I do to lose any service for text messaging at least. I find after a busy week of working and being on the computer/phone I can take my DRZ out for a few hours on dirt or pavement and come home feeling brand new, best therapy I've found yet lol. I've got nothing against group rides though at all, just wanted to share my 2 cents so you know you're not flying solo pun intended lol.
  7. JD1469

    Mukuni TMX and my divorce...

    How much is the lawyer? If your story is legit (not doubting you at all) this may be a good forum to help keep you with that sweet bike at least. I’ve been there and feel for you, hope it works out for the best!
  8. JD1469

    Is a FMF Pipe Street Legal?

    Thanks for the info I appreciate it!
  9. JD1469

    Is a FMF Pipe Street Legal?

    Good point, they did a "safety inspection" but just checked if everything's working i.e. lights, blinkers, horn etc. No sound test was done but I'm assuming if a loud Harley can pass it then a DRZ 400S shouldn't have an issue if judged by the same standards. I just wanted to make sure before spending the money on upgrades and I appreciate the info! I'll keep everyone posted here this time next year if I fail inspection lol
  10. JD1469

    Is a FMF Pipe Street Legal?

    Thanks! I didn't think twice about it until getting my inspection today and was told as long as it's DOT approved then it's no problem- but I couldn't find the actual "DOT Approved" mention on their website. I appreciate the info since I can't wait to open this thing up a bit.
  11. I'm looking to upgrade to an FMF Powercore IV exhaust but since this is my first street legal bike I'm wondering if it's DOT approved and won't harm getting an inspection every year? I'm not worried about the noise since it can't be louder than a Harley lol just wanted to make sure before I get it and the jet kit. I'm in TX so it's pretty relaxed compared to other states, any info would be appreciated since I'm only days out from making the purchase if it'll work. Thanks!
  12. JD1469

    Highway Gearing

    Thanks for all of the info! I definitely agree that the DRZ wasn't made for highway speed but I appreciate the info and will be trying out the 15/41 setup soon. Even if only driving at 60-65mpg I'm thinking the lack of high revving with that gearing will be more than worth it in the long haul. I'm only hitting the trails maybe once every 2 months so can't really justify trail gears since for the first time in my life I don't have to trailer a bike an hour away to ride, just open the garage and go! I'm hooked lol.
  13. JD1469

    Highway Gearing

    Thanks for the info, I don't always need to go 75mph but here in North TX by Dallas there's a couple of freeway sections where the speed limit is 75mph. I'm only on it long enough to get to the backroads but if you're on a bike doing 65 or less you'll be roadkill, I suggest you don't ride down here.
  14. JD1469

    Highway Gearing

    I have a 2017 DRZ 400 all stock except for running Dunlop 606's. This is my first street legal bike (have ridden all dirt bikes until now) and I'm riding more on the highways/back roads that I imagined I would have and I'm loving the bike, just curious as to what gearing is the best so it doesn't sound like its going to explode at 75mph on the highway? Also if changing to higher gearing will first gear lose all usefulness on trails? Any info would be appreciated if someone has any experience with a similar setup. Thanks!