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  1. Does anyone know if a 5" rear wheel will fit on my 2012 498rr? The previous owner ran a 160/60/17 rear tire but wasn't sure if it was a 4.25" or 5" rear rim he had. I want to buy a set of 17" wheels for it and want the 5" rear wheel if it won't have clearance issues. Since the tire sticks out farther than the wheel, I would assume that the 5" wheel would work, but am hoping someone has experience with this first hand.
  2. I'm having the same issue with my 2012 498rr. I also ran into the hub issue. My advice would be to email Beta USA. They responded to my emails promptly and told me that the newer Supermoto wheels they sell will fit my older bike. I just have to buy new rotors, sprocket, and front wheel spacers to make the swap work. Hope it works out for you!
  3. I have a 2012 Beta 498rr. Will the 5" rear wheel fit my bike? Or will I have to go with the 4.25" rear wheel? An acquaintance of mine told me that he used a 160/60/17 rear tire on the same bike, but wasn't sure if he has a 4.25" or 5" rear wheel. I figured since the tire protrudes out farther than the wheel, the 5" would probably fit, but I'm hoping someone with first hand experience could confirm this.
  4. Andy1321

    Avon Roadrider for Beta?

    Finding Supermoto wheel for my 2012 Beta 498rr has been a challenge. The only way for me to get them for this bike is to spend 2k on the setup and I would like to experiment with a sportsman Supermoto setup before I spent money on the 17" setup. I want to give these Avon roadriders a shot. What size tires would fit my bike? Stock 21" front and 18" rear. They look to be the most street oriented tire available.
  5. Andy1321

    Beta 4t oil filter questions

    I see that the drain bolt is removed with a hex head, but how is the oil screen below it removed? Do I need a special tool to remove it?
  6. Andy1321

    Beta 4t oil filter questions

    Ok great information! Where would you guys recommend buying OEM Beta parts? I think I'm going to replace the oil filter because it's an older bike and I'm sure it needs replacing after 5 years of riding. If anything, it'll be peace of mind.
  7. Andy1321

    Beta 4t oil filter questions

    Yes I've been doing some reading and I will be replacing the plastic gears in the next few months. I'm also going to do a valve check before I do any serious riding. Thanks for your input. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  8. Andy1321

    Beta 4t oil filter questions

    I really like the bike and just want to make sure I'm maintaining it properly. I was very fortunate to even find the bike for sale and so close to home.
  9. I recently bought a 2012 498rr with 90hrs. I'm getting ready to do the first oil change and filter change. I was on Betas website looking up the oil specs and recommended amounts, but saw that there is an oil filter above the main oil drain bolt. Beta recommended, "cleaning the wire filter and drain bolt".http://www.betausa.com/sites/default/files/pdf/new2014update/2014 350-498 RR.pdf So how do it clean this filter? It's listed as part #27.