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  1. Michigan

    I need a piece of land.
  2. Michigan

    I'll take you up on that! Been focusing on riding my road bikes lately, but will definitely hit you up.
  3. Michigan

    MX track [emoji4]
  4. Michigan

    Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah, yz250 I looked into the power valve, and it was not working properly, it was stuck open. So, I believe a symptom would be no low end torque but hits hard up top (just as I experienced). I fixed the powervalve, ordered mx3s (was running older Dunlop intermediate tires), and am adjusting the suspension. I hope it'll help, but yeah, lack of seat time is definitely a huge factor. Ever ride Baja Acres?
  5. Alright, so started the bike up with the push rod cover off, and it appears that she's opening when revv'd up. Few things that I've noticed is that there is a lot of vibration on the push rod (actually the whole bike vibrates a lot lol). Also, there seems to be a slight lag/delay if I chop the throttle off. I'm guessing that's due to the exhaust gasses keeping it from closing. Thanks again for the help!
  6. Alright pulled the powervalve cover off to find that the pin that follows the cam/guide was off the track. This was keeping the powervalve open the whole time. This may explain why the top end was fine but no low end torque. I didn't pull the clutch case/cover off to check governor, since the push rod seemed to move freely when it was disconnected. A little late to fire her up to check if works as it should, good thing I have the day off tomorrow. I'll report back. Thanks for the help!
  7. Thanks guys, I'll check it out tomorrow. as I started taking things apart on this bike, you're definitely right about things being suspect.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Do I need to get to the governor to correct this? Or simply in unbolt and adjust?
  9. Noticed no power down low, but decent pick up, up top. Pulled the cover off and see this. I've taken the clutch cover/crankcase cover off before, but did not use a dowel to loosen or tighten the push rod bolt. When prying up on the "lower leg" of the push rod, it needed some good leverage to get it to move. Does this look right? (attached)
  10. Update: I ended up putting some gasket sealer around the water pump area, seems to do the trick.
  11. Michigan

    Rode the bike around my buddies property just to get a feel for the bike. Last weekend checked out Baja Acres, and boy, did I suck out there. I hate to blame the bike, or the conditions, but man all I did was slide around and the bike was a dog climbing up the hills! I’m looking into the powervalve, exhaust, tires, suspension setup and riding technique. Felt pretty bummy after, but, it was definitely an experience!
  12. I live in Troy (south east side). Where do you ride? Almost finished with my bike, looking to test her out!
  13. Riding dirt just seems like a blast! I live outside of Detroit, nice and flat. I hear most people ride trails "up north", but that's at least 3 hours (I believe) from me. There are few MX tracks that are an hour away, which is more tolerable from a driving standpoint. Glad you made it out of that accident OK, that's why I do all my motorcycling on the tracks (and hopefully trails)!
  14. thanks for the response. I made sure gasket surface was clean and dry. Don't think they are warped (didn't leak at the same spot prior to changing out the water pump seals). I was thinking of dressing up the gasket with permanent anaerobic gasket maker and seeing if that works. Also, the old gasket was a green/thicker/paper gasket that was not as thin as the OEM Yamaha gasket. Hmm.. maybe the case is a little warped?
  15. if it makes a difference, I purchased a genuine Yamaha crankcase gasket (dark grey/black)