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  1. I’ll take one if it's a group buy. Blue if you got it.
  2. If it’s a group but I’ll grab one. Blue if you got it
  3. working on installing these guys today
  4. I have the Yosh...it’s a great pipe but will get a little loud when you crack open the throttle. I use it in the city and hasn’t attracted any unwanted attention.
  5. Question...I’m slowing getting my 690 to the perfect machine. This bike is only used only on pavement in the city with the SM set up so what’s the best steering stabilizer for the bike? I want my mirrors to stop vibrating! Lol
  6. Finally received my seat concept! Looks great and much softer ride then the stock pan.
  7. No joke! I’m up to about a month after ordering from AOMC. They can’t give me a good reason it hasn’t shipped besides SC is awaiting foam delivery for the seat. Oh well, weather is nice in Chicago so I’ll just put up with the stock seat for now.
  8. Yep. Made a mistake ordering off AOMC but I had some coins from them so I cashed them in . Three weeks is getting a little ridiculous and they gave me some BS line about the seats being custom so it takes longer.
  9. I jumped on the wagon as well and purchased a seat concept. The stock seat is horrible. I ordered my going on three weeks from AOMC.mx. Hoping it will arrive soon. Did you guys order direct?
  10. KTM 690. Very fun to get around town with. Theres a few supermotos downtown.
  11. I’m in Chicago but just have a supermoto. Fun around the city
  12. Yes - it came with an SA insert that you install. I didn’t weight it but the site mentions a two pound savings and yes it’s long.
  13. Waiting for the L. Keeping this bike close to stock. My upgrade the exhaust..any suggestions on a good exhaust that's not to loud?
  14. Awesome picture! I miss Tampa. Lived on Davis Island for about three years before moving to Chicago for work. Anyways, my bike lives in DT chi so I'm starting the conversation to an SMC...it's slowing changing over and I have to do all my working in a parking garage. Lol Installed my front 17" wheel last night ..and tonight I'll do the rear.
  15. 2017

    I have a front fender from a 2107 SMC and Enduro R. White/black and white/Black, brand new tires and rims off of a 2017 Enduro R. Let me know if you would like to take them off my hands.