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  1. Moto Monday’s in chicago[/img] [img [/img]
  2. Busy weekend! I installed my Rekluse, cyclops LED bulb and temporarily put on the lower link just for the summer. Planning on getting my suspension done this winter. [/img]
  3. Ysuscuba

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Just hanging out waiting for her daily ride
  4. Yes. I have a buddy that has a garage so this should work out. I think after lowering and adding the rekluse this bike will be close to being finished. My wife will enjoy hearing that.
  5. Thanks for the link. That’s exactly what I’m looking for and will reach out to rob. Unfortunately, I’m on the 50th floor of my building so bike will not be able to come in, lol.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I’m debating on installing. Where did you send off your suspension? I would like to do it the correct way but my problem deals with my work space being a parking deck, lol. It’s hard to leave my bike up on a stand so I have been looking for options in Illinois. I might table the link a little longer. Currently, the bike is fine without it but the extra inch would be nice.
  7. Still waiting on my rekluse clutch but I did receive my lowering link. Has any one used this link? It’s says the link is good for 1” 5/8. Let me know how it’s worked out for your bike and the riding exp.
  8. Thanks for the insight! It’s hard to get out of third gear in Chicago so I should be fine but it’s good to know.
  9. I finally pulled the trigger on the Rekluse X clutch. Since my 690 currently only a city bike figured this clutch will make my life easier during stop and go traffic. Plus it looks pretty easy to install.
  10. Ysuscuba

    FmF slip-on for 690

    I’ll take one if it's a group buy. Blue if you got it.
  11. Ysuscuba

    FmF slip-on for 690

    If it’s a group but I’ll grab one. Blue if you got it
  12. Ysuscuba

    690 Wobble - Tires vs Buffeting

    working on installing these guys today
  13. Ysuscuba

    FmF slip-on for 690

    I have the Yosh...it’s a great pipe but will get a little loud when you crack open the throttle. I use it in the city and hasn’t attracted any unwanted attention.
  14. Ysuscuba

    690 Wobble - Tires vs Buffeting

    Question...I’m slowing getting my 690 to the perfect machine. This bike is only used only on pavement in the city with the SM set up so what’s the best steering stabilizer for the bike? I want my mirrors to stop vibrating! Lol
  15. Finally received my seat concept! Looks great and much softer ride then the stock pan.