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    Hard to start yz490

    Just got back from riding the monster from hell, checked kickstart and if you dont blead it past top dead center at bottom of kick then let the kicker come back to top .you will not get a full kick.Also the lay bike over til gas comes out almost guarantees a first or second kick start.Thank you all for the ideas they all work but tipping the bike over definitely works best in my situation. And a an extra thanks to the kx500boi
  2. Cmg1972

    Hard to start yz490

    Now that makes sense to me .because its an 87 they are probably worn Thanks for the info
  3. Cmg1972

    Hard to start yz490

    Thanks all for the info even the humor is always welcome. there are some good tips I will surly try them all and let you know what works best. Thanks again keep the tips coming. Cory
  4. Cmg1972

    Hard to start yz490

    Ya about -4c will give that a shot but even in warm weather I still had the same problem .
  5. Cmg1972

    Hard to start yz490

    Stator cover is off so I could play with timing.Iwas get ting alot of backfiring while trying to start.
  6. Cmg1972

    Hard to start yz490

    Any hints on how to get a 1987 yz 490 to start easier. Any hints or tips appreciated