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  1. Jerickallen

    Xr650l blinker and brake light problems

    That's what I ended up doing with the switch and it's working now But as far as the brake light I have pulled it and checked it but didn't see anything wrong with I'm going to buy a new one tomorrow just to make sure
  2. Jerickallen

    Xr650l blinker and brake light problems

    The blinker problem ended up in the switch but still can't figure out what's wrong with brake lights
  3. I just bought a 2001 xr650l and it didn't have rear blinkers at all and I can see where the previous owner had cut and taped up the wires but when I try to switch the front blinkers on they don't work but if I forget to cut it off after a while they will randomly come on the switch seems like it kind of get gets stuck and doesn't move back to the center easily and the running lights work but the brakes don't get brighter when I use either brakes I've checked the fuses and bulbs and everything seems to be fine I plan on putting blinkers on the rear and was wondering if when the previous owner took them off it messed up the ground or something not really to well at electrical problems Thanks in advance for any help!