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  1. First time having problem with one of my fork leaking. Would it be the rubber seal? I haven't done anything to disrupt it or rode it so I don't what would cause it?
  2. Quotaz

    New Oil for 2011 450 for CA Weather

    Oh okay, that's all I wanted to make sure if it does matter when I would be riding at all the time. The owners manual states 10w so that's where I was worried about but thanks a lot!
  3. Quotaz

    New Oil for 2011 450 for CA Weather

    So as long as JASO-MA is stated on the back, I could simply put it on both sides?
  4. Just moved to Southern CA where everyday it's been 70-110 degrees. Went to Walmart this morning to look for Rotella but couldn't deside from 5w-40 or 15w-40. Planning to use it on both engine and tranny since price is basically unbeatable. I want to change oil probably 8-10 hours every time. I don't like riding it to its braking point being said I'm very conservative. Also Walmart didn't have AMSOIL 10w-40 either.
  5. Quotaz

    Oil Change help please

    Hey guys I have an 2011 CRF450r I've been using the GN4 10w-40 with Molly and GN4 80/85. I'm trying to find another brand to use just to see if anything gets better or smoother. Any recommendations? I've heard some people use Retella 15w-40 Synthetic or 5w-40 on both sides but I'm not sure.. Owner's manual states 10w-30/10w-40 would it make a change if I use Retella 15w-40 full synthetic? Friend of mine uses Amsoil synthetic 10w-40
  6. Quotaz

    Best Tranny and Engine Oil you guys use?

    Owner's manual says GN4 10w-30/40 on Tranny side. But could I use Rotella Synthetic 15w-40 on both sides?
  7. Quotaz

    Best Tranny and Engine Oil you guys use?

    On both Tranny(10w-40)and Engine?
  8. Quotaz

    Best Tranny and Engine Oil you guys use?

    LMAO!! It wasn't exactly what I was expecting with the responses
  9. Quotaz

    Best Tranny and Engine Oil you guys use?

    Both sides for the Tranny and Engine?
  10. What brand of oil have you guys been using? I have 11 CRF 450 F.I. I've been using engine ice for the rad. But what about Trans and Engine?
  11. Quotaz

    2011 CRF450 FI

    Yeah that's what I was questioning. Sorry new to dirtbike, so there is no ignition switch? If not, what is the best way to secure my dirtbike?
  12. Quotaz

    2011 CRF450 FI

    Does it come with on/off (like with carb) and an ignition key?
  13. Quotaz

    FMF PIPE install on CRF450

    So in other words it's okay for me to use it and put it on? It's just the matter of moving the bolts and etc around? KTM muffler to my CRF450?
  14. Quotaz

    FMF PIPE install on CRF450

    Did you have to change anything else? I would get it cuz it's cheap and brand new but I'm just 50/50 on it as far as if it fits right on
  15. A guy is selling a KTM FMF F4.1 Titanium Exahust (slip on) ..would I be able to put that on my 04 CRF450r?