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  1. So a little bit of information about myself. I'm 21 and stand 6'2" tall and weigh about 185lbs. I have been riding dirt bikes since I was about 7 years old so I like to think of myself having adequate experience. I mostly did trail riding and pit riding with the occasional track ride here and there. The last bike I had was a 2007 Honda CRF250R. I absolutely loved the bike. I loved the torque it had to offer along with how lightweight it was. Unfortunately, I sold this bike when I enlisted thinking I would never have time to really ride again and would rather have the cash. Now, I'm on the market once again for a bike. But this time I would rather get some personal opinions and advice on what I should buy. I will be continuing the trail riding with the possibility of hitting dirt pits if I find some. I'll be riding it in Mississippi, so I don't want something that will handle well in the event I must have to take it through some mud (I realize no matter what I buy anything can get stuck in mud). I'm looking for a bike that offers a nice ride but still can get up and go. To me, torque is more important then top end speed but to have both would be a bonus (I also realize I can't have my cake and eat it too). I'm looking to stay less than $5,000 on this bike so that way its not a huge commitment and I'm left in a hole. Is any of this even possible? Please, help!! Thanks!