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  1. Don't stop me now [WhereIsWiljen - Join the 2 wheeled Madventure] Hi there thumpertalk followers, I wanted to share with you all my adventure I did last year. I bought a KLX 150 (2015 model) in Malaysia and rode it all the way overland to the Netherlands. It took me less than 10 months and I went through 25 countries, solely overland traveling. All in all, it was a Madventure 35.000km on a standard KLX 150 with some panniers for my luggage. I will post more in this topic soon, but above you see a short video with highlights from south east asia! As you can see it opens a playlist from my youtube channel, you can switch to the episodes as well. Cheers, WhereIsWiljen You can find my facebook channel by searching on WhereisWiljen.