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    Help! Xr 100 Running Problems

    So before I was having the problem of soot on my plug suggesting it was too rich. Even with just one these short running cycles. When I went down a main jet size, to what the stock diagram called for (90), the plug looks normal now under the same conditions. No real change in runability either way though.
  2. mkemp590

    Help! Xr 100 Running Problems

    Hey guys, so I picked up a 97 xr100 to race mini gp. I can't seem to figure out a running issue though. Stock exhaust, stock air box, but with foam uni filter. New stock jets (90 main and 38 slow)and cleaned carb. Stock cdi. It starts after a bunch of kicks, but inconsistently. Choke has to be fully off though. Can't get it to work with it on. When it does start, it idols super high and even revs higher without any throttle input. Then it just dies weather I give it throttle or not. When I received it, it had a Chinese racing cdi and main jet was a 95. Same problems As mentioned, but black sooty plug. I did get it to run enough once like this, but if I opened the throttle past 1/4, it would stop accelerating, or just bog and almost die. Just happened once, and haven't got it close since swapping to stock. Waiting on a new intake manifold, as the one that came with it had tape on it. When I looked at it though, I couldn't find any cracks or holes. The gaskets on both sides were the make your own type. I tried to swap these out for some new o rings to see if that would make it any better, but no. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!