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  1. NEWguyERIC

    xr250l and xr250r differences

    to update everyone. i have installed a carb kit and cleaned the carb. i put new spark plug and oil in the bike. i tried starting it with not luck. i then though to charge the battery. i know that the battery shouldn't affect the starting of the bike because it should run without a battery but it sure enough does. the bike now starts first kick. i was thinking of adjusting the values because alot of people say that should be done often. can anyone confirm that is a good idea and also give me some direction on how to do it/ what feeler gauges to use.
  2. NEWguyERIC

    xr250l and xr250r differences

    anyone have the pdf or the service manual for the xr250l i cant seem to adjust this carb to get it running again.
  3. NEWguyERIC

    Help Getting on the Trails

    i bought a Carb. kit and the cables. the cables should be here next week. i have encountered a new problem the front brake is sticking now.
  4. NEWguyERIC

    Help Getting on the Trails

    diaphragm on ebay
  5. NEWguyERIC

    Help Getting on the Trails

    I am fairly new to all of this and i wouldn't even know how to go about that. i really do appreciate all of the help you guys have been provide to me.
  6. NEWguyERIC

    Help Getting on the Trails

    Yes, i believe so... Ouch 80$... do you know of a way to test if it is bad?
  7. NEWguyERIC

    Help Getting on the Trails

    @Todd157k agreed it would be must beneficial to replace all of the parts. i have looked on http://www.mrcycles.com/ it appears to me that they only have cable B for the throttle. i am not sure which one that is... is there a parts website that you suggest. As far as carb rebuild kits that i have seen on ebay non of them include that diaphragm part that appeared to be old and rusted.
  8. NEWguyERIC

    Help Getting on the Trails

    @cjjeepercreeper yeah i am coming to that realization through reading topics on here. i would atleast like to get it running so i can sell it and re-coupe some of my cost. any help with getting it to that point would be much appreciated.
  9. NEWguyERIC

    Help Getting on the Trails

    Hello All, I bought a 1995 Honda XR 250L cheap from a guy down the street who was moving. The bike ran but not well. When I received the bike it did not run. I do not know a ton about these bikes or dirt bikes in general. I do how ever notice a couple of things on the bike. The carb was dirty and I attempted to clean it. I didn’t notice that the diaphragm thing inside the carb. was rusty and didn’t look to good. I do not however know what it does or if it should be replaced. I then notice that one of the throttle cables was missing. If you are looking at the handle bars it is the lower cable. I went to buy a replacement but I am unsure of whether it is cable A or b. Lastly I noticed that the decompression cable is broken off and missing from the bike. I would like to see if this bike is worth putting the money into. What should the compression be? How do I initially set up the carburetor? Will it start without the decompression cable or other throttle cable? Does anyone have a pdf of the manual or a YouTube channel to help? Thank you for the help guys!