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  1. soheil

    drz400sm burning oil after rebuild! HELP!!

    ok everyone, thanks for all your suggestions!! since i changed the oil to non-synthetic it started fixing my problems!! before with the synthetic oil the pipe was pinch black inside, when i rubbed my finger in there i used to get a black oily powder plus the smell of burned oil when the engine was hot.. but now with the non-synthetic oil after 600km the pipe is just dry black nothing comes out anymore and no more weird smells, its just the usuall smell of gas if im not wrong i think i got some more hp here thanks again everyone!!
  2. soheil

    drz400sm burning oil after rebuild! HELP!!

    hmm no.. just asking, do you rehone cylinders that are nikasil coated??
  3. soheil

    drz400sm burning oil after rebuild! HELP!!

    hello guys!! so on 27036km i changed oil (1750ml 10w40 motul full synthetic) now after about 500km i drained it and about 1700ml came out (maybe a tiny little bit more..) so changed to dino oil (about 1780ml motul 10w40), did a lot of accelerating and engine stops with all gears, i think (if not paranoid) i noticed that the bike is more stable when idling..im not sure though.. also i have this pinch black oily pipe after every hard ride (talking about the inside of the muffler).. is it possible that the packing of the muffler is still oily from before?? should i repack it or it will go away?? its a yoshimura btw.. cheers!
  4. soheil

    drz400sm burning oil after rebuild! HELP!!

    hey, thanks for the replies everyone!! so im going to change my oil to a 15w40 non-synthetic oil, "brake in" again as "jjktmrider" said and see.. will not baby this bitch anymore!! hope it works after 2000km of hard ride .. thanks again guys! ill update the results..
  5. hello everyone! About a month ago i rebuild my drz because it was burning too much oil so put in a new piston+rings, new cam chain, new valve seals and also cleaned the valves until they looked new! also changed the oil and oil filter. (10w40 100%synthetic) My mechanic told me to ride the bike easy for the 1st tank (about 1/4 of the throttle), 2nd tank about 1/2 throttle, 3rd tank ride it good but dont rev the shit out of it... he told me to take it till 5 tanks of gas riding it smoothly just to be safe.. Well i rode the bike 1/4 to 1/2 throttle for about 150km (not even 1 tank) and then rode it like i stole it.. that one tank seemed to never end!! After 1000km it consumed oil again (about 100ml) so i added some to it and my mechanic told me that this is normal. Now after 600km it almost lost about 150ml!! NOW is this thing normal??? im beginning to think maybe is the synthetic oil the problem or maybe its because i wheelie too much or its because i rode the bike till max speed a couple of times.. 1600km after rebuild and lost about 250-300ml oil.. What do you guys think??? thanks!
  6. thanks for the reply cowpie! the needle clip was on the 3rd notch and changed it to the 4th notch (from top). it fixed the "running out of gas" feeling. but i think the main problem is the piston because it consumes a lot of oil, the inside of the muffler is pinch black and when i touched it it was slippery, also i think it started losing power.. does the piston has to do with fuel consumption as well?? i will put a new piston kit from the next weekend and hope it fixes my problem.. i think the cylinder is ok as long as there is no thick scratch in there, right? also i found Vertex piston kit (regular compression) , will it be ok? are they reliable as the OEM ones? what do you guys think? thanks guys! any opinion will help!
  7. hello everyone! i recently bought a used 2007 drz400sm with ~24000kms(~15000miles) and i can say it has a good power runs great but by time im discovering some problems that might be serious.. so the bike has a full yoshi pipe 3x3 air box mod k&n air filter jd jetting currently running with 160# jet and the thinner needle (clip on the 3rd from top) so the first problem i noticed was while i was cruising about 90-110kmph(55-70mph) the bike was slightly cutting out and coming back, going back and forth like it was running out of gas.. but when i accelerate at those speeds it goes fine till i hold the throttle steady again.. really annoying shit so i guessed it was something wrong with the carb..so i tapped the 3x3 hole on the air box to see if it was lean or rich and yeah it fixed it a little bit.. so in the end i taped about 2/3 of the of the 3x3 hole and it was going ok.. after few days i went for a ride and it did it again so i thought maybe change the oil.. i drained the oil from the frame and engine and all together was 1500ml(motul 15/50 semi-synthetic)..so i changed the oil and filter and put 1800ml(motul 15/50 full-sythetic) and the oil was higher than the highest mark on the dipstick. took the bike for a ride and WOW it was running great! no wobbles no shitty cruising anymore! After a few days i took it for a ride for about 1 hour non-stop. and while i was cruising it started to wobble back and forth like it was running out of gas again.. i stopped, waited for about 2-3 min and checked the oil and the oil was barely touching the dipstick.. went back home, drained the oil and again found there was only 1500ml of oil in there... it consumed about 300ml of oil in about 200km(125miles)... Is this happening because i put a full-synthetic oil in it?? what do you guys think? need more opinions and suggestions because I told a pretty good motorcycle mechanic about it and he told me that most probably i need a new piston and set of rings but really need you guys to tell me what you think! also if in the end of the day i need to change the piston and ring what do you guys recommend? that guys told me to not buy any high-comp pistons and its better to put OEM piston and rings to not have problems in the summer because it gets really hot over here.. what about wiseco/vertex/ etc etc? (btw OEM piston kit here is about 200euros) thanks a lot for any help and sorry for my english..