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    Matching cases still necessary?

    Rebuilding a 2010 450f, Left side crankcase is destroyed at the swing arm pin, I know its recommended to buy the set but can I get away with just the left side, dont really feel like spending 500 on both atm. Should I take the chance?
  2. Sethkrieg

    How is the 2010 Kx450?

    I have a 2010 and Its been the most reliable bike Ive ever owned, Raced and beat on and it just keeps going. Im rebuilding it now since I cracked my case. Clutch lasted around 400 hrs, had one top end done after almost 200 hrs and this one has over 120 on it now with great compression still. Just keep up on it and it will rip for a long time
  3. Do I have to drive out to NH to register for the trails in the spring, or can I do it somewhere in Mass, located in central MA currently. thx
  4. Sethkrieg

    MA resident, registering Dirtbike in NH

    Sounds good, thx again
  5. Sethkrieg

    MA resident, registering Dirtbike in NH

    thx, just found this, is it accurate ? http://www.eregulations.com/newhampshire/ohrv/registration-fees/ only good til end of June?
  6. Sethkrieg

    MA resident, registering Dirtbike in NH

    thx for the reply, what is needed, title will suffice? and is it 40 bucks for the year?