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  1. I have a question why a 3 year loan opposed to a 5 year?
  2. Welll I was putting around 2300 down
  3. Hey guys I pretty much have it narrowed down that I want the yz 250f now I was thinking about Just getting one of Craigslist but in the long run if you take out a loan u might only be paying 20$ mor a month for a new one out of the dealership, I was gonna go for the 2016 Yz250f the list price is about 6300 how much could I actually negotiate realistically. Thank you
  4. Zachhanus2

    4 vs 2

    Yeah so I previously had a kx 85 when I was in 5th grade till 8th then it blew up lmfao (just never did proper maintenance) I didn't know much I was young, but I would do trails and tracks, so I do have riding experience.
  5. Zachhanus2

    4 vs 2

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy a bike again I'm currently saving up, prob gonna go on Craigslist should I go for a yz 125 or yz 250f, if I were to get a 250f I'd spend around 3300 is my budget, and goes for a 125 as well, I kno most of the differences but from any of your guys experience what would u say
  6. Zachhanus2

    WHAT bike

    @Jack wagon thanks man I think a 125 will be good to go on plent power plus the cheap maintenance maybe a 450 in the future
  7. Zachhanus2

    WHAT bike

    Hey guys I was wondering what bike I should get I havnt rode since I was in 7th grade but I had a kx 85 so I was experienced with riding I could pin the bike on tracks so I'm not completely new to riding now I'm 6,2 190 I was contemplating what bike to get, should I go with a yz 125 or should I go with a yzf450, I would never sell the 450 prob have it forever thank you tell me your opinions plz!!
  8. Zachhanus2

    Yz 125 or yz 250

    Hey sick kunts! I was wondering for any advice on what bike I should get, I'm going to get back into riding. I'm going to purchase a bike of Craigslist, one that is relativly decent. I'm 20 years old and I'm 6,2 190 I was wondering if I should go with a yz 125 or yz 250, I havnt rode since 9th grade when we had to sell my bike before moving to pa but the last bike I rode was a kx85. Thanks