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  1. Adam Graf

    Gasser vs. BETA

    I agree, set up is everything but I feel it's time wasted with my Beta when I'm so happy with my old GASSER
  2. Adam Graf

    Gasser vs. BETA

    I have a 2016 Beta 300rr and a 2011 Gas Gas EC250 Replica... I can't get off my Gas Gas it is the best all around machine I have ever owned. In the Beta's defense it is set up for a 6'4" tall 270 lbs rider and I am 5'8" 170 lbs... I should just sell the Beta to one of my monster size friends and keep ripping the Gas Gas.
  3. Adam Graf

    YZ500 for 2019? Is it real?

    If they build it I will buy it... just to attempted to hang on to it at the dunes. My 2016 YZ 450 was 66 up, 93 would be deadly, Yamaha not risking the law suits that bike would bring... FAKE!!!
  4. I have a 14 year old daughter on a 2003 CR250R... BUY THE POOR KID A REAL BIKE!!!
  5. Adam Graf

    60:1 premix in a new KTM 300 XC-W?

    AMS Oil Saber, 10oz. oil to 5 gallons of 91 octane fuel, Weed Wacker, SeaDoos, SkiDoos, Jet Skis, Outboard Boat Engines, 250 2 Smokers, over 10 year's of reliable throttle responsive performance... AMS OIL, GET IT IN YOUR 2 STROKE!!!
  6. Adam Graf

    New RMZ450 owner with a few questions?

    Rekluse for sure, I just installed my first one on my 2003 Cr250 2 smoker and it's an amazing up grade. I went up nasty rocky hill climbs today that I wouldn't even attempt on my 2016 yz450.
  7. Go new, it's pricey but the Z Start Pro is seriously the best upgrade you will ever bolt in your bike. I just installed a brand new Z Start Pro in my 03 Cr250 2 smoker and ripped some hill climbs I would be scared to attempt on my 2016 yz450... see the spider on the new box... yeah your bike is transformed into one of those.