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  1. f7

    Thanks. I have it marked and will purchase soon. Their price is better than anything I found searching elsewhere.
  2. f7

    Since I was able to save the tank I now have a fuel cap gasket (NOS) on its way. I purchased a petcock from ebay that was more intact and had that cleaned up. With those steps and some new fuel lines I should have a fully operational fuel system up and running. I now need to find some cables. I'm hoping they are not all a different part number as well.
  3. f7

    Evaporust followed by additional sessions with nails and a 48 hour soak in vinegar concluded by one last Evaporust soak saved this old tank. It was a battle of wills.
  4. I am looking for the tailpiece for a 1978 KZ1000. It is red with gold pin-striping.
  5. f7

    Just a bit of rust along the cone that straddles the frame and on the upper inside of the tank. If I can fill it completely with evaporust I think I can save the old tank.
  6. f7

    Any advice to try and remove these pinstripes while saving the original paint underneath.
  7. f7

    I have been using what I have on hand. Originally I used some decking nails with The Works. That got me to the point of the first picture posted. I am now using medium sized roofing nails. I have also heard BBs work well.
  8. f7

    Persistence. I'll need to do another treatment with nails to try and get some of the final stubborn areas but it still may be salvageable. No leaks.
  9. f7

    That is possible. I'll play around a bit more today since it is warmer in the garage. I'm also doing a trial with Evaporust in my original tank to see if it can be saved. This summer I used The Works and nails and it still looked like this throughout the tank.
  10. f7

    In both of the photos below the new tank is on the left and the original is on the right. The new tank seems to be about 1/4" to narrow. The original tank looks decent her but it has lots of rust inside. I'll continue to try and save it but I am not all that optimistic.
  11. f7

    I purchased a 1973 tank hoping it would fit my '72. Seems to be a near miss. The center space is a bit narrow to host the wiring harness comfortably and the mounts don't seem to drop quite far enough. If anyone has a source that indicates which years cross reference that would be helpful. If there are any hillbilly engineering ideas to get this to function as a back-up I'm interested in that as a short term yet functional option while I work to remove the rust from the old tank or find a suitable replacement.
  12. f7

    I'm not sure yet but I doubt it. I do not have a title. I want to get it running as well as possible and see where the bike is at then. I would like to have it in condition to run it in some vintage enduro or endurance events. Absolute originality is not a priority if there are upgrades to performance that will not clearly change the aesthetics of the vintage bike.
  13. f7

    Great to know. My first search will likely be for some throttle cables. The casing on mine are cracked and brittle. I'll take a good look at them but I don't know that they can serve much longer.
  14. f7

    I'm not exactly sure. Based on some of the information I am seeing it sounds like I could run into problems related to air leaks in the crank case seals during the restoration. It is a preliminary thought based only on the fact that in the little bit of time I've had the bike running high, even dangerous idling seems to be a problem. I'll need to get into the project deeper before I go to that more extreme measure. I've got some low hanging fruit to start with. Do you have some F7 items available?
  15. f7

    Thanks for the responses. I was able to get the carb sorted out mechanically with the new throttle rod and rotating the cables. The bike started up and I had an idle for some time. It seems I could have some problems with air leaks. Once I secured the carb in with the cover and boot the idle was better but I am still having some challenges with high RPMs. From research in other posts it is very possible some of the gaskets are dried and creating some air leaks. I'm open to any input on that point if you have any. I now know it will run. From here I'll need to develop a project map of sorts to get it trail worthy again. Work will need to start with installing the correct battery, setting points, tuning the carb, and replacing the cables. Advice on next steps is always welcome. Other Sources of information for reference: