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  1. Newbiedirtbike

    people to ride with

    I will check it out, thank you for the advice!
  2. Newbiedirtbike

    New rider in Pittsburgh seeks advice and help

    They want a grand deposit and some outrageous price per day. I will take a look at them, but it seems like somehow buying is the best option. If not, I would rather pay a friend that money, instead of a big company. Thanks for the reply! Andy
  3. Newbiedirtbike

    New rider in Pittsburgh seeks advice and help

    Never got your email. Maybe after I find a bike, you can give me a few tips, or I can ride with ya. Taking dirt bike classes when the weather breaks, at Mines and Meadows with a private instructor.
  4. Newbiedirtbike

    people to ride with

    Great idea about the trailer on the car. Wonder if I could do the same on my Acura. I decided to take private lessons with that dirt bike school out of Mines and Meadows. They rent bikes for 150 a day, but it seems that is what I am going to have to do. Then I should know if I like it enough to join you guys riding and look for a house and a garage. Hoped I could find somebody to give the 150 to that was a friend of mine (like someone here), but I understand the caution these days. But hey, I will be with a good instructor and get to learn and ride with a certified person. Maybe just finding a friend with a big garage will work till I can get a garage of my own. Thanks again for being supportive!
  5. Newbiedirtbike

    people to ride with

    I am round and kinda overweight. As to me and riding, I am going to take a bike class, maybe I will get lucky and a bike will come around and I can find a way to store it and get some way to transport it around. I will be a ridin fool
  6. Newbiedirtbike

    people to ride with

    Great idea Pat, I am going to try and look for one, after a few paychecks. Then comes problem 2, storage and hauling. I live in an apt building and just got rid of truck. Might need to rethink this dream ? Andy
  7. Newbiedirtbike

    people to ride with

    Hello, I have ridden before around 20 years ago. I can handle a clutch and shifting, just gotta do it a few times/read up on the bike before I ride it. As I said, it doesn't have to be anything special, just wanna see if the excitement I feel now translates to getting started and spending a couple of thousand dollars. I am 44, kinda fat but getting better. 5'10" maybe close to 210-220. Anything else you want to know, let me know.
  8. Newbiedirtbike

    Looking For Fall Riders - Pittsburgh

    I know you were looking for fall riders, but if I can find someone who has an extra bike 'til I get one. Sounds fun and I live about 8 miles away in Sharpsburg, parents live in Harwick.
  9. Newbiedirtbike

    people to ride with

    What experience levels are you guys? I am looking for people to ride with, but I gotta find somebody with an extra "beater" bike cause I am just starting. Sounds fun and is real close to where I live. If the places you ride are beginner friendly.
  10. Hello all, I have wanted to get started riding dirt bikes since I was a kid. Got the chance when I was in my 20's to ride with a friend. Best experience of my life, other than some hunts I have been on. Now I am getting to be mid-40's and the urge to ride has gotten very strong again. I don't know if this is the right forum to ask this question/request, if so, please forgive me. I am looking for someone to help me get started getting out there and getting muddy and having fun again. If there is anybody out there that has an extra "beater" bike, I would like to start riding again and find some friends to do it with. Looking to use or rent a bike 'til I can see what kinda bike I might wanna buy. I understand that dirt biking can lead to injury, but I assure you that I would sign a legal document absolve give you of all injury and stating I would repay for any damages, above and beyond the price you set to let me ride with you and some friends. I will pick up the gas that I use too. Just have a really strong desire to get out and do some riding again. I am located in Pittsburgh, but would drive 100 miles just for the pleasure of catching a dirt bike ride with one of you guys. I am going to be going to that class that they hold at Mines and Meadows for beginners after they send me information back. As I said before, don't care if the bike is beat up to begin with. Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time at my email address: andrasv1@comcast.net. Since I got spammed on another posting, I will wait to see if this was the right place to post before posting my text message number. Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from whomever might want to help me. Thanks, Andras Vancsa Andrasv1@comcast.net